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Cameron Mitchell goes to his high school reunion in Kansas, accompanied by Vala Mal Doran. What Mitchell doesn’t know is that he’s been tracked to the event by an alien bounty hunter who wants to use him as bait for a bigger prize: all of SG-1.

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After SG-1 hands the Lucian Alliance yet another humiliating defeat, the Alliance leader Netan decides that he's had enough. He puts a huge price on the head of each team member. In no time, the galaxy's best bounty hunters converge on planet Earth.

Unaware of this, SG-1 takes a well-earned break from saving the universe. Carter attends a technology conference. Daniel conducts research at a major library. Teal'c is off-world, aiding his Jaffa brethren as they struggle to reconstitute their government. And Mitchell attends his high-school reunion in small-town Auburn, Kansas — with Vala along as his "date."

Teal'c and Daniel are the first to be attacked. After a bounty hunter's ambush leaves Teal'c with minor injuries, he springs a clever trap and captures his assailant single-handedly. Daniel, meanwhile, looks up from his books to see an aggressively flirtatious woman — holding a gun on him. He escapes outside; she pursues. She's about to force him to surrender when a bus wipes her out, instead.

Gen. Landry warns Carter and Mitchell that they may be next. Indeed, a sniper takes aim at Carter as she steps up to the podium to give her presentation at the conference. Luckily, she's presenting the Chimera Optics Projection System — a version of an Asgard hologram device. When the bounty hunter puts a shot straight through her, he perforates a hologram. The real Carter, backstage, quickly moves to take him down.

In Kansas, so far, the only mayhem has been thanks to Vala. While she's made a sincere effort to pose as Mitchell's friend from the Air Force's accounting department, her casual references to interstellar weapons smugglers and her over-the-top professions of passion for Mitchell are freaking out his friends and family. Mitchell can live with that, though … until it interferes with his attempts to sweet-talk his old high-school crush, Amy Vandenburg.

Then Odai Ventrell, a famed bounty hunter, crashes the reunion party and takes Mitchell, Vala and the other guests hostage. He plans to wait until the rest of SG-1 inevitably comes to the rescue and then nab the whole group for one massive bounty. Carter, Daniel and Teal'c are headed straight into a trap. Worse, any misstep will kill not only them but Mitchell's entire graduating class.

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Production Notes

  • Before cameras: June 12 to June 20, 2006.
  • About Daniel and romantic entanglements: "There is the ongoing storyline that started in season nine with Vala, about her sort of being interested in him and Daniel not being interested in her. Then this year we have another sort of pseudo love interest in the part of her daughter, Adria, played by Morena Baccarin. There is a bit of some sort of romantic entanglement that happens there and Daniel kind of pushes that aside as well. Then in the episode right after it, which is “Bounty”, where a beautiful girl pretty much propositions Daniel point blank and he lets that go by too." — Michael Shanks, Interview at Eclipse Magazine, August 16, 2006.

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