2.22 "Out Of Mind Part 1" Episode Guide

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Jack O'Neill awakens in a futuristic world to be told he's been frozen for 79 years and that all his friends are dead. He is questioned about the Stargate Program but then is shocked to discover it's a set-up. He finds Daniel Jackson and Carter and attempts escape from the Goa'uld stronghold, only to be thwarted by the return of an old enemy, Hathor.

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Report 1 of 2: Awakening from what seems like cryogenic suspension, Colonel Jack O'Neill finds himself in a futuristic version of the SGC surrounded by unfamiliar faces. He is told by doctors he has been frozen for 79 years and that the rest of the SG-1 team perished long ago. After hooking up O'Neill to a device that turns his memories into holographs, the doctors question him for information about races able to defeat the Goa'uld. The doctors claim they need all the help they can get in their current war against them. When O'Neill overhears the doctors speaking in Goa'uld voices, he realizes he may be part of an elaborate setup. He escapes and discovers the SGC is actually a replica built inside a Goa'uld stronghold, and that in nearby rooms Dr. Daniel Jackson and Capt. Samantha Carter are undergoing similar treatments. Attempting to escape, the three are blocked by the beautiful but deadly Hathor (cf. 1.14 "Hathor") who, enraged by their refusal, prepares to implant one of them with a larvae.


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