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When SG-1 hunts for a Goa'uld lord living on Earth, they discover this powerful alien in the form of a religious leader with a heavily armed cult following. O'Neill faces off with both government agents and the cult in a fiery clash that may destroy them all.

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Capt. Samantha Carter's father, Jacob, enlists the SG-1 team in his hunt for the ancient Goa'uld Lord Seth, whom he believes is hiding on Earth. A computer search reveals Seth has maintained power on Earth for thousands of years using false religion and the SG-1 team trace him to a heavily armed compound in Washington State. Outside the compound they clash with a team of action-happy ATF men led by the adversarial Special Agent James Hamner, and they meet Levinson, a frantic father who's desperate to rescue his son Tom from Seth's cult. Colonel Jack O'Neill, Carter, and Dr. Daniel Jackson break into the compound but within minutes they fall victim to the biological agent Seth uses to brainwash his followers into doing his bidding.


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