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O'Neill attempts to stop a Goa'uld invasion of Earth. But to call off the attack, the Goa'uld lords demand the destruction of the Stargate. O'Neill doesn't trust them—but the fate of Earth lies in the balance.

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Asgard leader Thor tells Colonel Jack O'Neill that the Goa'uld System Lords plan to attack Earth, and offers his help in negotiating a peace deal. Three System Lords attend the session: Yu, Nirrti, and Cronus—the lord responsible for killing Teal'c's father. The three initially agree to the Asgardian peace proposal on the condition that Earth gives up the Stargate. But when Teal'c and Cronus are discovered badly beaten, Teal'c is blamed and the two remaining lords vow to attack Earth as retribution. Despite Nirrti's claim that she tried the healing-hand technique on Cronus and it didn't work, Major Samantha Carter (who just prior to this mission was promoted from Captain) uses it and manages to save the lord. Realizing that Nirrti orchestrated the beating to seize power, Yu and Cronus turn their rage toward their former comrade, giving Earth a temporary reprieve.

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