5.08 "The Tomb" Episode Guide

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On a rescue mission to recover Russian solders believed missing in action on a previously undisclosed trip, SG-1 gets trapped in a Goa'uld tomb with a number of decomposed bodies…and a deadly alien monster with an appetite for human flesh!

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MGM Official Summary

On a rescue mission to recover Russian soldiers missing-in-action on a previously undisclosed trip, SG-1 gets trapped in a Goa'uld tomb. Here they discover not only the remains of the Russian soldier, but a killer alien from which they must now escape.

SciFi.com Official Summary

SG-1 teams up with a Russian Stargate squad. Together they go to P2X-338, a planet apparently linked to Babylon and its chief deity, Marduk. The Russian scientist Dr. Britski had discovered the proper symbols two years ago, and he and his team opened the portal. The team never returned, so the Russians asked SGC for help, forwarding Britski's journals to them. Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson lead the mission and discover an ancient ziggurat on the other side. They also find traces of the first Russian team, now dead—and their remains show the marks of small teeth on their bones. Then one of the Russians sets off a trap and reseals the door, trapping the combined team inside the ziggurat. And whatever killed the first team is trapped with them.


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