5.13 "Proving Ground" Episode Guide

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Col. Jack O'Neill and his new SG recruits have become the targets of a secret hostile takeover. Now it's up to a wounded O'Neill and his neophyte troop to save the command center from a possible alien invasion!

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MGM Official Summary

Col. Jack O'Neill is putting some new recruits through their paces. But one nervous lieutenant's would be SG team is suddenly involved in an exercise which could be the making of them—especially as O'Neill has just been injured in a shootout.

SciFi.com Official Summary

Colonel Jack O'Neill is assigned to train a new Stargate team, which includes former cadet Hailey, now a lieutenant. O'Neill puts the team through training exercises and stresses the need to identify their real enemies. The training is cut short, however, when he learns that SGC might be facing an alien incursion. Now he has to take this unproven team into a real combat situation, one they might not be prepared for.


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