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Daniel is exhausted by strange dreams of his past with Sarah Gardner, an altered past in which she urges him to find the Lost City. Meanwhile, Carter begins a romantic relationship with detective Pete Shanahan, who is very curious about the Air Force work she won't discuss. When SG-1 realise that Daniel's dreams are being manipulated, Pete is put on a collision course with Osiris.

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Major Carter has been set up with her brother Mark's friend Pete Shanahan, a cop from Denver who thinks Carter works for the Air Force in a simple research capacity. Their relationship has really started to heat up, judging from their romantic role-playing at a coffee bar this morning and the eye-opening sun dress she has on. Meanwhile, Dr. Daniel Jackson has been visited in his dreams by his former lover, Sarah Gardner, who was possessed by the Goa'uld Osiris in "The Curse."

As Pete, with cop instincts, probes Carter to learn what she really does, Osiris uses a Goa'uld mind link to probe Daniel's subconscious as he sleeps. Daniel dreams about deciphering the tablet that is supposed to lead to the lost city of the Ancients, where the most powerful weaponry in the universe may lie. In these extremely vivid dreams, Osiris as Sarah is coaxing and inspiring Daniel in his office back at the University of Chicago archaeology department, where they met—she as a Cambridge-educated research assistant, he as a professor.

Pete and Carter's relationship reaches a new level, and they sleep together. Pete opens up to her, revealing he's divorced and relating his love of the classic police sitcom Barney Miller. But Carter can't expose Pete to the top-secret classified truth about what she does—or to the danger of it that she alludes to. Pete takes it as a rejection and calls an FBI buddy, Farrity, to do a background check. Pete's pal tells him that the background check turned out so squeaky clean, it can mean only one thing—Samantha is into something top-secret and he shouldn't ask too many questions.

Daniel, increasingly troubled and exhausted by his dreams, finally confides in Teal'c and Carter, and the three try to understand why Sarah—whom, in reality, Daniel pushed away by his long hours working—is now in his dreams, sharing his obsession to find the Lost City. Teal'c has the answer: The Goa'uld possess the technology to probe one's memories. In a meeting with General Hammond and Colonel O'Neill, the trio theorizes that Osiris is beaming undetected into Daniel's home and using a memory probe—similar to one that fellow system lord Anubis had once used on SG-1's Asgard ally Thor. Why not just snatch Daniel and probe his mind? Perhaps to keep SG-1 from being aware of her plan. Moreover, Anubis' device might probe only conscious memory and not the subconscious, and if Daniel has any memory of the location of the Lost City before parts of his memory were wiped by the ascended Ancient Oma, his sleeping mind is where any helpful information might be.

General Hammond approves a plan to stake out Daniel while he's sleeping. Once Osiris has helped Daniel remember the location of the Lost City, Carter will employ a jamming device that will prevent Osiris from beaming out. Osiris will then be tranquilized with a dart—the only thing that will penetrate her personal force field. Once she's captured and unconscious, the Tok'ra can separate the symbiote from its host and save Sarah.

O'Neill, Teal'c and Carter watch Daniel's house from a parked surveillance van, watching Daniel via video. Osiris beams in, but SG-1 can't move in until they get some kind of signal from Daniel that he's remembered the location of the Lost City. Meanwhile, Pete's concern for Carter, coupled with his curiosity, has led him to follow her. He is watching her watching Daniel.

In his dream, Daniel realizes he never knew the Lost City's location. He awakens to find Osiris standing over him about to kill him since he does not possess what she needs. O'Neill and Teal'c move in, having jammed her beaming technology. Osiris knocks O'Neill out with a power blast. Teal'c evades her and checks on Daniel while Osiris leaves the house. Carter exits the van armed with a zat to distract Osiris, when Pete suddenly appears. Osiris blows up the surveillance van and is about to kill Carter and Pete when O'Neill knocks out Osiris with the tranquilizer dart.

It's over. But Pete has been hit. Carter promises that if he makes it through this, she'll tell him everything. At Cheyenne Mountain's infirmary, Sarah, now separated from Osiris, reunites with Daniel. Pete recovers…and Carter, explaining that what she's about to say is classified, keeps her promise.


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