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Dr. Sarah Gardner
Sarah Gardner as host to the Goa'uld Osiris


Dr. Sarah Gardner was an associate and former lover of Dr. Daniel Jackson who was taken as the unwilling host of the Goa'uld symbiote Osiris (4.14 "The Curse"), but she was finally released from her torment when the symbiote was removed (7.15 "Chimera").

Character Biography

Sarah Gardner had a PhD from Cambridge (presumably in archeology) and went to work under Dr. David Jordan in Chicago. Upon arriving, she met up with Dr. Daniel Jackson (7.14 "Chimera"). According to dreams Daniel had of the events, Sarah admitted she referenced his "groundbreaking" theories on the Hyksos ruling dynasty for her doctoral thesis, and flirting, admitted she'd read everything he'd published. When Daniel finally caught onto the attraction, he pursued it. They dated for two months. As he put it later: "I was an idiot. Sarah was in love with me, and I guess I had feelings for her too, but my obsession with my research destroyed our relationship." When he forgot their two month anniversary in his zeal for work, she broke up with him. Later, Osiris, drawing on Sarah's memories to talk to Daniel stated: "we could've ended it better than we did." (4.14 "The Curse").

Sarah remained in Chicago. After Daniel Jackson's famous ridiculed speech in Los Angeles that led to his entry in the Stargate program, neither she nor her colleagues had heard any word about him. She had looked for any papers written by him, but as was stated to Daniel's amusement: "it was like you had dropped off the face of the Earth."

Sarah, Professor Jordan, and their colleague Dr. Steven Rayner studied the artifacts from the shipwrecked Steward exhibition, trying to learn all they could before the items had to be returned to Egypt. Although the details are unclear, Sarah was present when a canopic jar containing the Goa'uld Osiris was opened. Professor Jordan and a lab technician were killed around the same time in an event authorities called a gas explosion.

The stranded Osiris used Sarah's memories and identity to reconnoiter the current state of Earth society. Osiris was also aware of Daniel Jackson's theories of cross-pollination of cultures and the age of the pyramids from Sarah. Daniel returned to Chicago for Dr. Jordan's funeral. The goa'uld tried to use Sarah's relationship with Daniel to its advantage, but the secrecy of the Stargate program kept Daniel from unwittingly revealing more to what he thought was his old girlfriend. Eventually Osiris escaped in Sarah's body using an old Goa'uld ship.

Sarah Gardner remained host to Osiris for approximately three years. The NID agent Colonel Simmons once questioned Daniel Jackson on whether his past relationship with Sarah Gardner would prevent his objectivity in the war with the Goa'uld (5.04 "The Fifth Man"). This concern became a real crisis for Daniel when, while working undercover to assassinate the system lords, he encountered Osiris/Sarah and hesitated in his mission (5.11 "Summit"). Daniel eventually planned to proceed, but further intelligence scrapped the mission. He tried to save Sarah during his escape, but the attempt was botched and Daniel barely escaped with his own life (5.12 "Last Stand").

While Sarah was host, Osiris worked for Anubis and as his representative, gained his seat back with the System Lords (5.12 "Last Stand"). It was also during this time Osiris learned of Daniel Jackson's death (5.22 "Revelations"). Osiris's reaction to the news was so surprising, it is possible but not confirmed Sarah was aware as well. It is unclear how many memories she had from this experience, but they clearly traumatized her. She blamed herself and later confessed to Daniel "I couldn't stop it." (7.15 "Chimera")

Anubis and Osiris became aware of Daniel Jackson's ascension and later return to human form (7.15 "Chimera"). Osiris once again exploited Sarah's previous relationship with Daniel. She used the Tok'ra memory device along with her ribbon device to manipulate his dreams at night–using his memory of him and Sarah dating to try and discover the location of the Ancients' lost city. Eventually, SG-1 discovered her plan and set a trap. Osiris was removed from Sarah Gardner. Sarah stayed in the SGC infirmary through at least some of her recovery. Daniel visited her there and assured her they would help her get through this ordeal.

Sarah Gardner's current mental and emotional state and her whereabouts are unknown.


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