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Memory Recall Device on Daniel and Osiris


The Memory Recall device is a small disk with a sharp point inserted into a subject's skull (usually at the temple). Using the device facilitates total recall of memories. It has been used by Tok'ra and Goa'uld in conjunction with other technology. The device can be operated by and used upon humans and Goa'uld alike.


The memory recall device is a small disk with a tiny dial to adjust the level of control. There is a sharp point in the center of the other side to pierce the subject's head. Often times, the device is used at the temple. However, it was placed behind the ear of Samantha Carter when her team went undercover at Netu to facilitate recovery of Jolinar's memories and help them escape (3.12 "Jolinar's Memories Part 1"). Removal of the device would often leave a mark where it was embedded.

The device could be used with other Goa'uld and Tok'ra technology such as:

  • Blood of Sokar — When Apophis discovered Sam's hidden memory device, he used it on SG-1 and the Tok'ra prisoners to augment the effects of the hallucinogenic drug known as the Blood of Sokar to try and extract information from them (3.13 "Devil You Know").
  • Monitor — the device can be set that recovered memories will display on a monitor, playing out in real time as if seeing a video of the event (2.22 "Out of Mind").
  • Ribbon Device — Osiris used her ribbon device in conjunction with two memory devices, one place on Daniel Jackson's temple, one on her own. After using the device on Daniel when he was sleeping, she was able to be part of his subconscious dreams, manipulating memories of when he was dating her host, Sarah Gardner.
  • Zatarc Detector — The Tok'ra commonly used a modified version of the memory device with their version of a lie detector, helping subjects remember all they could to determine any deception (4.05 "Divide and Conquer", 4.17 "Absolute Power").
  • Brainwashing Technology — Ba'al used a similar device to the memory recall item, attached to the subject's temple when trying to brainwash the subject. However, the device appeared to only exert only pain from the controller and it's unclear if the device was only coincidentally the same shape as the memory recall device (10.14 "Stronghold")


Daniel with recall device installed
Sam's discomfort at initial application of device
Sam's memory under Blood of Sokar influence
O'Neill forced to undergo adjustments to device on Netu
O'Neill on zatarc detector
Daniel's dream influenced by Osiris

Stargate References

SG-1 were first subjected to the devices coming out cryogenic stasis (2.22 "Out of Mind"). Each were told they were decades in the future and were the lone survivor of their team. The devices were supposed to be "Tok'ra" technology and help them remember events with their team and potential allies against the Goa'uld. Their memories appeared immediately on a monitor screen the "SGC" had set up. Only later did they discover this was all an elaborate ruse. Not only were their teammates alive and it was present day, but the SGC was a mockup by Hathor. Even disconnected from the monitors, they found barely thinking about past events caused pain and being overwhelmed by memories. Eventually, they pulled out the devices, despite concerns at how deep the device may be embedded.

The next time the memory recall devices were used on them was actually by the real Tok'ra. Martouf came to the SGC looking for help in trying to break Selmak out of Sokar's prison on Netu (3.12 "Jolinar's Memories). Jolinar was the only one ever known to escape Netu, and her memories were buried in her last host, Samantha Carter. Martouf used the recall device to try and bring those memories to the surface. Sam remembered the painful torture Jolinar suffered while there, but nothing very helpful. As they approached the planet, they hoped being there would help trigger more memories, so Martouf left the device hidden behind her ear at a low setting.

Once on the planet, Sam remembered more details, such as Bynarr was the key to Jolinar's escape. Only too late did she remember or realize Jolinar had betrayed Bynarr to leave. He sought vengeance, disarming and imprisoning the team and bringing Sam to him to be killed. He was stopped by a disguised Apophis, who found Carter's recall device (3.13 "Devil You Know"). Apophis used the device with the Blood of Sokar, a liquid based hallucinogen he made SG-1 and the Tok'ra prisoners drink. He questioned them while they were caught in manipulated and emotional memories, trying to find out information such as the location of the Tok'ra base from Martouf–even using Sam's presence to augment the memory, the iris code to Stargate Command from O'Neill, or from Daniel, the location Amaunet hid the harsesis. All luckily saw through the ploys and were able to break out of the false memories without revealing important data.

When members of the SGC were suspected of being zatarcs (i.e. brainwashed assassins) before the final Tok'ra/Earth alliance summit, Anise and Martouf were tasked with discovering anyone who may have come under Goa'uld influence (4.05 "Divide and Conquer"). They discovered Lt. Astor of SG-14 was not remembering everything she could about events on P6Y-325. Her memories were false. Astor was forced, due to the zatarc programming, to commit suicide. SG-1 were also subjected to the zatarc—O'Neill and Carter showing false readings because the device was so sensitive, you needed to express not only events, but also full feelings and emotional states from the memories. Once O'Neill confessed all he felt when Carter was stranded, the detector cleared them.

Later, the Tok'ra came back with their zatarc detector to test on Shifu, who claimed to be the harsesis (4.17 "Absolute Power"). Although implanted with the device, Daniel Jackson was able to stop them before the test could be administered. Through a dream, Shifu revealed to Daniel that the memories Oma had caused to be suppressed in him were too evil to be allowed out, which the memory recall device would have done.

When a saboteur was suspected at the Alpha Site as Rebel Jaffa and Tok'ra were staying there, the Tok'ra utilized their zatarc detector with the memory device to determine if anyone was lying. Everyone passed the test, and a cloaked ashrak was discovered to be the culprit.

Osiris used memory devices on both herself and Daniel Jackson (7.15 "Chimera"). When Daniel would sleep at home, Osiris would beam into his room from her orbiting ship. She would place the device both on him and herself, using the ribbon device to keep him pliant, unconscious, and help facilitate her entering his dreams. She manipulated memories from when he dated her host, Sarah Gardner and showed him an Ancient tablet. Supposedly on the tablet would be the address to the Lost City (Atlantis). Night after night she would visit, hoping Daniel's subconscious would finally reveal the "translation" of the Stargate address. Daniel awoke with no markings on his head from the device and only memories of the dreams. When SG-1 figured out his dreams may be more, Daniel was aware enough to not be subject to Osiris's manipulation. Setting a trap, SG-1 waited for her arrival, and in the dream Daniel admitted he knew who she really was, breaking the illusion and angering Osiris to use the pain function of the ribbon device as he awoke.


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