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A Russian officer arrives at the SGC and falls ill. He infects Daniel, causing him to become violent. Daniel recovers and identifies the 'illness' as possession by Anubis, who is alive and wants to escape Earth through the Stargate. In spite of the SGC's efforts to contain him, Anubis manages to escape in the dying body of the Russian officer, but Carter makes sure he is sent to a desolate ice planet.

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Aboard the International Space Station in Earth's orbit, Cosmonaut Anatole Konstantinov barely avoids being struck by part of Anubis' destroyed mothership as it passes under the station—leaving a smoky trail that rises up and passes into the station unnoticed.

Down on Earth, at Stargate Command, Brigadier General Jack O'Neill, the newly installed chief, is drowning in paperwork when Colonel Alexi Vaselov introduces himself as a new transfer. Vaselov, Russia's most highly decorated and experienced officer, has requested to be assigned to SG-1 now that there's a new opening for the fourth position following O'Neill's promotion. But O'Neill refuses on the grounds the Colonel will have to go through Stargate training like any other recruit.

Dr. Daniel Jackson, feeling Vaselov deserves an explanation, goes to see him. Vaselov is disturbed by O'Neill's decision and is showing signs of fatigue. Suddenly, Vaselov collapses.

With Vaselov in isolation, attending physician Dr. Brightman informs O'Neill of the Colonel's condition. The last thing Vaselov remembers is being in Russia. He doesn't know how he got to Stargate Command. Dr. Brightman also tells O'Neill that Vaselov has lesions covering forty percent of his body and that he might be contagious. Everyone having had contact with him must be examined. Daniel is just about to go offworld with SG-11 when the Stargate shuts down. Daniel grabs a team member and holds him hostage at gunpoint, demanding that the 'Gate be reactivated. Teal'c fires his zat at both Daniel and his hostage. But Daniel gets up and fires wildly, wounding two Special Forces guards. O'Neill shoots him in the shoulder and Daniel falls to the floor, motionless.

It's Dr. Brightman's opinion there is a contagion on base. O'Neill immediately orders all offworld teams to 'Gate to the safe haven Alpha Site and not return to SGC—which is now in lockdown.

Vaselov, who has had excessive exposure to the infection, is dying. Daniel was only exposed a short time and will be fine. Soon Vaselov begins getting flashbacks of his coming to SGC but, as he tells Teal'c, it as though he is outside his body looking in. Later, Teal'c suggests to Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter and Dr. Brightman that this disease, which seems to be affecting the minds of those it infects, may not be a disease at all but an alien entity. Although tests have already ruled out the presence of a Goa'uld symbiote, Dr. Brightman's information from Russia confirms that the condition is very selective: It began with Cosmonaut Konstantinov, who'd grown ill and died within a week of returning from space. Vaselov had visited his friend and colleague Konstantinov, accounting for Vaselov's condition. But no one else who came into contact with Konstantinov was infected. It looks as though this is a new form of alien invader moving from person to person—and could be anyone, anytime.

Daniel awakens and recalls the incident in the 'Gate room in flashbacks, as though he were looking in at his own body, just like Vaselov. But Daniel is eventually able to recall who was in his body at the time: Anubis, the Goa'uld system lord who almost destroyed the Earth. He is not dead, as everyone thought, but alive and on the base.

According to Daniel, Anubis had surrendered his mortal form when he'd Ascended long ago, only to be cast down by the Ancients. He had since existed as a purely immaterial being, his physical form merely a force shield that was destroyed—releasing his essence into Earth's orbit. Now that essence has found its way to SGC, where it is trying to obtain a human form so that it can 'Gate to Anubis' power base light-years away and obtain a new force shield.

Daniel recalls now that Aunbis left him to go into nurse Lieutenant Evans, who was caring for him earlier. When questioned, Evans has no recollection. But Airman Malcolm McCaffrey is unaccounted for. McCafferty is heading toward the control room, taking out any guards in his way. As he's about to command a technician at gunpoint to activate the Stargate, O'Neill zats him. Suddenly, the ethereal form of Anubis emerges from McCafferty's body and disappears through the ceiling.

Daniel proposes that the only way to deal with Anubis is to let the Ancients do it for them: If they prevent Anubis from going through the 'Gate and from getting into other bodies, he will have to use his powers as an Ascended being, breaking the rules of Ascension, and the Ancients will step in. O'Neill must inform the understandably concerned personnel that to prevent Anubis' escape, lockdown must continue indefinitely. There is food for a month.

Carter devises an elaborate security plan, dividing SGC into three secured zones. There's only one problem: Anubis is now in Carter and is headed toward Zone A, where power control to the Stargate has been rerouted. A kick-ass Carter zats or knocks out everyone in her path, including Daniel, and uses her security override codes to reroute power to the control room. On her way there, she takes out one guard and tangles with another. O'Neill shows up and zats them both.

Anubis has set up a sequence of automated commands to activate the Stargate. With SGC security compromised, O'Neill activates the self-destruct sequence and enters the 'Gate room, where the Stargate has been activated. Anubis now inhabits O'Neill, and he's going to leave. Carter, in custody, convinces Teal'c she's not Anubis and Teal'c allows her to stop the self-destruct. Meanwhile, the dying Col. Vaselov, who has heard the alarms, appears in the 'Gate room and forces Anubis to take his body instead of O'Neill's by threatening to kill them both. Anubis does so and goes through the 'Gate. But he doesn't end up where he intended: Carter was able to override the established dialing sequence and input an alternate address. Anubis, inside Vaselov's body, is now frozen solid on the icy KS7-535.


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