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In "the heist to end all heists," the Stargate is missing, and SG-1's investigations point to the shadowy Trust conspiracy. The Trust operatives are using the Stargate to launch missiles armed with symbiote poison. Teal'c discovers thousands of Jaffa have been massacred while Daniel and Carter try to stop the Trust murdering more innocents in their vicious 'war.'

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The Stargate is gone! It vanished from Stargate Command right under the noses of the personnel on duty. Impossible? Not with Asgard beaming technology. Yet why would Earth's alien allies do that? It must be something else—and upon investigation of the surveillance tapes, Lt. Col. Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Brig. Gen. Jack O'Neill notice a scientist tagging the gate with a locator beacon so that whomever was using the transporter could lock onto it.

That scientist, one Dr. Kevin Hartkans, cannot be found. It looks like this is the work of The Trust—rogue former agents of the NID taking whatever ruthless action they deem necessary to protect Earth from alien invaders.

Teal'c, after meeting with rebel Jaffa leaders on planet P4S-161, has found he cannot 'gate back to Earth. He goes to the fail-safe Alpha Site, where a Col. Pierce confirms the interrupted contact with Earth. Teal'c returns to P4S-161 to borrow a ship to fly back to Earth—and finds thousands of Jaffa mysteriously dead with no sign of violence. With another new arrival, the Jaffa M'zel, Teal'c returns to the Alpha Site.

Meanwhile, satellite intelligence leads Carter, Daniel, and SG forces to a warehouse where they find VX rockets and enough nerve gas to kill hundred of thousands of people. In a firefight with a Trust agent, some nerve gas containers are hit and begin leaking. But nobody dies. Carter's analysis reveals the gas is the symbiote poison that SGC and the Tok'ra have been developing as a weapon against the Goa'uld system lords. Because the poison is equally deadly to the Jaffa, they've agreed not to use it except in defensive situations.

It's now clear that the Trust intends to use the poison, the VX rockets, and the Stargate to launch a full-scale chemical assault on the Goa'uld without any concern for the millions of Jaffa who will lose their lives in the process.

The wounded Trust agent from the warehouse had an Area 51 badge, which leads Carter and Daniel to question a Dr. Bricksdale there. Evidence suggests that a transporter wrist device, obtained from the system lord Osiris after she was captured, has somehow been taken, used, and returned. But they can't prove Bricksdale's involved, and the wrist device is inoperable.

Back at the Alpha Site, M'zel tells Teal'c that three more Goa'uld planets have been attacked and millions of Jaffa are dead from the Tok'ra symbiote poison. M'zel, who like many Jaffa are distrustful of the Tok'ra, is convinced Tok'ra have turned on them and that this genocide is their doing. But that's unlikely for many reasons, and so Teal'c and M'zel 'gate to planet P3S-114, deep in Goa'uld territory, where they hope to contact an undercover Tok'ra operative named Zarin to try to learn more. And the only way to see her is to be captured.

Meanwhile, Carter and SGC forces have followed Bricksdale to a meeting with the Trust agent Hoskins, whom they've encountered before. The traitorous Bricksdale is taken into custody. Carter zats Hoskins and takes his locator beacon—and is suddenly beamed away somewhere in his place.

Carter finds herself in the cloaked Goa'uld Alkesh fighter that Osiris had left behind in orbit. The Trust retrieves Hoskins, then ties up Carter to watch helplessly as they launch rockets of poison to Goa'uld-occupied worlds. The next one is the very planet Teal'c is now on. The rocket hits after Zarin tells Teal'c and M'zel that the Tok'ra have nothing to do with the Jaffa slaughters. Then she, M'zel, and all the Jaffa die from exposure to the gas. A horrified Teal'c—who no longer possesses a symbiote—is immune.

Back at SGC, Daniel convinces Bricksdale to spill the beans and cooperate. Bricksdale fixes the wrist device so that Daniel can board the Alkesh. There he deactivates the cloaking device and is attempting to disable the hyperdrive when he's captured. Hoskins, discovering the ship is now visible, orders that the ship go into hyperspace and escape. He's about to kill Carter and Daniel when Teal'c, communicating through the Stargate, startles Hoskins. Daniel tells Teal'c to come through. He does, and takes out the Trust men. Carter tags the gate with a locator beacon—and just before the remaining Trust pilot can send the ship into hyperspace, Col. Pendergrast in the SGC space jet Prometheus locks onto the signal and beams the gate, Carter, Daniel, and Teal'c aboard.

The Stargate is returned to Earth—but the Trust still has enough poison to wipe out a half-dozen Goa'uld worlds.

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