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Carter's Replicator double contacts the SGC, requesting they terminate her existence because Fifth is on his way to the Milky Way Galaxy. Carter and Teal'c interrogate Replicator Carter at the Alpha Site, revealing that Fifth has developed an immunity to the disruptor gun. Can Replicator Carter help Carter recalibrate the disruptor before Fifth arrives?

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Unscheduled offworld activation: Lt. Col. Carter's IDC comes through, but it's an old one. A text message follows: "Send M.A.L.P." The M.A.L.P. telemetry shows that the person sending the transmission is Carter. But Carter is in the control room at Stargate Command.

The Carter on the other side explains that she was made in Samantha Carter's image. She is a Replicator, created by Fifth, the Replicator leader smitten with Carter. Struggling to reconcile the original Carter's copied feelings and her own Replicator programming, Carter 2 asks that she be destroyed via the disruptor—the only weapon effective against her kind.

Carter convinces O'Neill to allow a meeting between her and her Replicator twin on the Alpha Site. As Teal'c trains the disruptor on Carter 2, she tells Carter that Fifth is coming to this galaxy to conquer it; because Carter 2 shares Carter's feelings, she doesn't want Fifth to succeed. Carter tells Carter 2 that the Asgard have amplified the disruptor effects to repel a large-scale attack. But Carter 2 says that the Replicators, herself excluded, are now invulnerable to the disruptor.

Carter 2 secretly communicates with Fifth through subspace, telling him that the humans are beginning to trust her, but she needs more time.

Carter 2 tells Carter and Teal'c that Fifth was able to introduce a cipher into the Kiron pathways that control the molecular cohesion of all Replicators. This is how he was able to counter the effects of the disruptor. Carter asks Carter 2 to access the cipher through the Replicator subspace link so they can use it to modify the disruptor.

Carter 2 senses that Fifth is on his way and will arrive in two hours. She again communicates secretly with Fifth, telling him that she's almost done with her mission; Fifth never had a cipher to protect the Replicators from the disruptor. Carter 2 has been analyzing the disruptor to create one for him. It will be ready when he arrives.

O'Neill, hearing the news of Fifth's coming, gives Carter one hour for her and Carter 2 to remodulate the disruptor. After that, Carter 2 must be destroyed and the base evacuated.

In the meantime, Thor has sent to SG Command at the Alpha Site a disruptor satellite, which Teal'c places into orbit using an F-302. Carter 2 finds the cipher and creates a program to remodulate the disruptor beam—but Fifth has already arrived.

Carter 2 activates the unmodified satellite, destroying Fifth and his ship. All this was a ruse by Carter 2 to study the disruptor, make herself immune to it and betray and destroy Fifth. Now she will make all her Replicator brethren immune, as well.

Teal'c tries to destroy Carter 2 with the disruptor, to no avail. She battles her way through to the Stargate. Teal'c grabs hold of her arm, but she leaves it behind and it crumbles to dust in Teal'c's grasp.

The cells of the Replicator dust are inactive, but Carter, blaming herself for becoming too personally involved with her twin, is intent on analyzing them to find a way to beat the now completely invulnerable Replicator race.


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