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Journalist Armin Selig


Armin Selig was a newspaper journalist who had discovered the Stargate Program and threatened to run the story. (2.09 "Secrets")

Character Biography

Newspaper journalist Armin Selig approached Colonel Jack O'Neill while he and Captain Samantha Carter were in Washington, D.C., in order to receive Air Medals for their part in saving the world against Apophis's and Klorel's attack (2.01 "The Serpent's Lair" and 2.09 "Secrets").

Selig knew of the Stargate, what it looked like, what it was used for and who used it. He knew that Jack was involved with the Stargate Program and had approached him with the hope of receiving a confirmation on the existence of the Stargate from him. Selig knew that there were between nine and twelve SG teams who traveled through the Stargate from deep within Cheyenne Mountain under NORAD. He knew that Jack led the team called "SG-1". Selig also knew that the Program cost over seven billion dollars a year to run and that one of its main purposes was to bring back alien technology to offset the expenditure. His story never ran as he was run down by a car after meeting with Jack. Before he died, he cursed Jack for having him murdered.

Jack was disturbed by Selig's death. General Hammond insisted that it was an accident and that nothing sinister had taken place. Later, however, the possibility that Selig was indeed run down on purpose was presented in the very shady nature of a certain group of rogue operatives of the NID, backed by extremely wealthy businessmen who procured alien technology in order to obtain patents. This group of people were called "The Committee" and they may have been involved in Selig's murder (6.14 "Smoke and Mirrors"). Selig's death was also considered a result of actions taken by the rogue NID by the Indiana barber, Joe Spencer, who had been receiving mind images of SG-1's operations since the end of their first year of operation via an Ancient long range communication device linked with Jack's mind as Jack sat in his office at the base (8.15 "Citizen Joe"). Selig's murderer was never identified.


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