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General Bauer


General Bauer was temporarily the commander of the SGC and was introduced in the episode, 4.15 "Chain Reaction".

Character Biography

Through the manipulations of Senator Robert Kinsey, General Bauer was given command of the SGC after General Hammond was intimidated into resigning after his granddaughters were picked up at school by men in an unmarked car. Most likely, however, Bauer was not aware of these tactics, but was selected because of his straight-lace military mentality.

One of Bauer's first acts as the new SGC commander was to disband SG-1. He strongly recommend that Jack take time off for an attitude check since Jack was extraordinarily insubordinate. Daniel was given a desk job and Teal'c was assigned to SG-3. Carter was sent to work on a naquadah-enhanced nuclear bomb which Bauer wished to test detonate on a planet which had an old Goa'uld naquadah mining operation. SG-3 was sent to procure more naquadah for the bomb from a Goa'uld stronghold on the planet P3S-452 at the cost of the team leader, Major Waite.

Bauer was extremely distraught when the test detonation of the bomb caused radiation to come through the wormhole. For a moment, it looked like the SGC was going to have to be destroyed in order to deactivate the wormhole, but, fortunately, the wormhole disengaged on its own only a few seconds after thirty-eight minutes (the usual time that a wormhole can be maintained).

Jack was able to get General Hammond reinstated after his independent investigation implicated Kinsey in several illegal operations linked to the rogue NID cells. Jack did not turn Kinsey in, but used the evidence as blackmail in order to get Kinsey's cooperation.


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