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Caius was a smuggler. When things got too hot for him, he took refuge on an unnamed planet and pretended to be a friar worshipping the Goa'uld Grannus. Once getting his modified cargo ship back from Vala, he left the monastery and headed to parts unknown.

Character Biography

Caius was one of the best smugglers Vala Mal Doran had ever met. However, things eventually became too hot for him, and he had to "find religion", taking refuge in a monastery for the Goa'uld Grannus. Vala visited him, using the guise of "Sister Vasina", providing a holy relic, the legendary ring of Shen Merak. The ring was actually a power coil from an obsolete cargo ship Vala had gotten stuck with in a bad deal with the trader Inago. Caius gratefully accepted the "relic", only casually noting that the most precious relic, the Livanna crystal disappeared around the same time "Sister Vasina" made her generous donation.

The life of a monk, fasting, chanting, bathing the poor, not to mention weaving prayer baskets began to grate. After Grannus's Jaffa killed the Goa'uld, contributions to the shrine dropped off dramatically. Some fanatical believers still came and worshipped at the remaining relic, the Ring of Shen Merak. When Vala returned with Cameron Mitchell and Daniel Jackson, Caius was ready to leave. Vala tried to get back the now needed power coil by sweetly explaining the "Ring of Shen Merak" was phony. Caius coldly responded that he didn't care, and if they tried to steal it, he would ensure the fanatical followers of the now dead god Grannus would tear them to pieces before they got half way to the Stargate.

He'd be willing to give them the power coil if Vala returned the tel'tak she "borrowed". He would not accept any other vessel but his own modified cargo ship. After Vala, Cameron, and Daniel retrieved the ship from the Lucian Alliance, they met with Caius in a tavern. He gave them the power coil, and pleasantly noted as Vala left how nice it was she did not help herself to his hidden stash of smuggled goods. Vala protested at this sudden revelation there was hidden treasures, but the others dragged her away.


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