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NID Agent Cross


NID Agent Cross posed as the deputy in the small town of Steveston, Oregon, in the episode, 6.05 "Nightwalkers".

Character Biography

Agent Cross was aware that residents of the town were taken over by immature Goa'uld symbiotes, but wanted to let them stay that way until the Goa'uld finished building a space ship in an abandoned building in the town at night. When SG-1, sans Col. Jack O'Neill, was sent to investigate the strange things going on in the small town, Agent Cross, along with his partner, Agent Singer, tried to prevent them from interrupting the Goa'uld so that they would complete the ship. The Goa'uld, after realizing that they were being watched, decided to infiltrate the SGC and NID and captured Agent Cross and implanted him with one of the symbiotes. Fortunately, Carter discovered the serum developed by the scientist who made the symbiotes (clones of Adrian Conrad's Goa'uld from 5.11 "Desperate Measures") and everyone was freed from the symbiotes. The incomplete ship was sent to Area 51 for study.


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