5.11 "Desperate Measures" Episode Guide

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Carter is abducted by a reclusive billionaire who wants to perform medical experiments on her using a deadly alien life form, in hopes of finding a cure to his own life-threatening disease.

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MGM Official Summary

A Russian transport vehicle is ambushed and its valuable cargo, a captured Jaffa, is taken by force. At nearly the same time, Major Carter is ambushed while getting into her car and abducted by mysterious men dressed in black. When Carter goes missing for several days, General Hammond authorizes O'Neill and Daniel to investigate her disappearance.

O'Neill's investigation takes a strange twist when he is contacted by the former NID operative, Col. Mayborne. Desperate to find Carter, O'Neill must trust his old nemesis in the hopes of bringing Carter back alive. Working with Maybourne, O’Neill, Daniel and Teal’c discover information that leads to a mysterious hospital and the nefarious workings of a reclusive billionaire. Can SG-1 rescue Carter from the doctors’ deadly experiments and discover the connection to the captured Jaffa?


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