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When a scientist working on stem cell research disappears, Carter, Teal'c, and Quinn investigate and discover that the scientist's town is infested with Goa'uld who can only control the townspeople by night. Will Carter, Teal'c, and Quinn be taken over next?

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Colonel O'Neill is still with the Tok'ra after having a Tok'ra symbiote implanted in his head to cure him of the deadly virus he contracted in "Frozen." The Tok'ra, a rebel faction of the Goa'uld, continue to seek a suitable host for the symbiote implanted in O'Neill so it can be removed from him.

Meanwhile on Earth, Major Carter receives a 2 a.m. call from a man identifying himself as Richard Flemming. He claims to have vital information about Adrian Conrad, who had had gotten hold of a Goa'uld symbiote 10 months ago and created havoc. Flemming tells Carter that "the project is out of control" and then Carter hears his car crash.

At Stargate Command, Carter briefs General Hammond, Teal'c and Jonas Quinn. The man was biologist Dr. Richard Flemming, formerly a professor of advanced genetics at Stanford. Jonas immediately recognizes the name, noting that Flemming was famous for developing hybrid strains of disease-resistant corn and cotton. Two years ago, Flemming accepted a position at Immunotech Research, which, as it turns out, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zetatron Industries—Adrian Conrad's corporate base.

Conrad had had himself implanted with a stolen symbiote in order to cure himself of a deadly disease. After SGC took him into military custody, Immunotech scaled back their operations and moved to a small Oregon town named Steveston. General Hammond orders Carter, Teal'c and Jonas Quinn to go there and investigate and to interview Dr. Flemming if he is still alive. He was reported missing after the car crash; no body was found in the wreckage.

In Steveston, the townspeople appear to be half asleep, as if drugged or under outside control. SG-1 learns that the Immunotech lab had burned down, and that the local sheriff believed Dr. Flemming had been murdered. The team searches Flemming's house, but it has been wiped clean. Then a package arrives that Dr. Flemming had sent himself to keep from being discovered while his house was searched.

The package contains a huge syringe full of serum. The scientists working for Adrian Conrad had been studying a symbiote in order to create some kind of superdrug. Carter thinks this might be it and sends a sample back to SG Command for analysis.

SG-1 is contacted by a dark-haired man who claims to be a former Immunotech night guard whom Dr. Flemming had taken into his confidence. He says Flemming had warned him away from Immunotech the night of the fire, and told him of people who come out only at night.

Jonas at this point remembers seeing fresh tire tracks leading up to the town's recently closed mill. Investigating, SG-1 discovers that Immunotech apparently had moved there. Carter gathers some computer disks for evidence, while Jonas discovers a partially constructed alien ship. Jonas and Teal'c stake out the mill while Carter attempts to decode the disks.

She cracks the code and Goa'uld symbols come up. Carter now realizes that Flemming and another scientist, who is also dead, had cloned Adrian Conrad's symbiote. The townspeople had been implanted with immature Goa'uld-symbiote clones that were strong enough only to take over their bodies while the hosts slept. The townspeople were inordinately tired during the day because they were building a Goa'uld ship at night without knowing it. Teal'c hadn't sensed these Goa'ulds' presence because, being clones, they had no Naquada in their blood.

Teal'c and Jonas are captured by the sheriff's deputy—in actuality, Agent Cross of the covert NID, the quasi-governmental agency that among other things runs the classified Area 51 alien-research facility. The NID, without properly coordinating with SGC, had been monitoring the situation from the beginning, waiting for the ship to be built so they could commandeer it for a new planetary defense system.

Further complicating matters, Carter is captured by the Goa'uld and taken to the sheriff's office, where she is implanted with a symbiote—as is Cross. While the Goa'uld's plan originally was just to build a ship and escape Earth, they've now decided to take over NID.

But before the Goa'uld captured Carter, she had deciphered enough of Flemming's file to discover he had engineered the symbiotes with a kill switch, a susceptibility to a particular antibiotic. Taking a calculated risk, Carter deduces this was the content of Flemming's syringe. She injected herself before she was taken, the symbiote implanted in her died within moments, and she then operated undercover, saving Teal'c and Jonas and escaping the Goa'uld. The townspeople respond to the antibiotic as well as Carter did.

The partially constructed ship is at Area 51 now. It may prove useful even though unfinished.


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