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Adrian Conrad
Adrian Conrad as Goa'uld host


Billionaire businessman Adrian Conrad purchased a Goa'uld symbiote in order to cure himself of a fatal disease. His plan to be cured and then remove the symbiote backfired and he became the unwilling host of the Goa'uld instead. Conrad died while still hosting the symbiote. (5.11 "Desperate Measures", 6.11 "Prometheus")

Character Biography

Billionaire Adrian Conrad was in the late stages of an extremely rare and incurable disorder that affected the immune system and left the body vulnerable to a host of diseases. Having learned of the Stargate Program and of the great healing powers of the Goa'uld symbiote, Conrad made arrangements with former NID agent Col. Harry Maybourne to purchase a symbiote that had matured in a Jaffa who had been captured by the Russians when they were secretly conducting their own Stargate program. Conrad had his assistant and lover Diana Mendez wire three million dollars to Maybourne's off-shore account, and then had Maj. Samantha Carter kidnapped. (5.11 "Desperate Measures")

Conrad wanted to gain the medical benefits from the symbiote's implantation, but he didn't want the symbiote to remain in his body once it had cured him. He had been on a rapid decline for six months when he finally captured Carter. He knew he was running out of time, but he didn't want to give up just yet, especially if what he thought could be accomplished with the symbiote could not only cure him, but hundreds of others. He hired doctors to study Carter because she had survived being a host when the Tok'ra symbiote Jolinar died inside her body. Conrad thought that his doctors could determine how to remove the symbiote safely by studying Carter, but once he was close to death, he urged the doctors to implant the symbiote before they had discovered how it could be successfully removed. (5.11 "Desperate Measures")

Conrad was right that the symbiote could cure his disease, but he effectively died at the moment of the implantation because the symbiote took complete control of him. The symbiote was also quite good at deception and convinced Diana that Adrian was in control. Once Diana freed him from his restraints, Conrad killed her. With SG-1, Maybourne, and several others surrounding the Conrad's own Saint Christina's Hospital in Seattle, it appeared that Conrad could not escape, but he did with the help of the NID's new administrator, Col. Frank Simmons. Maybourne knew not to trust Simmons because he had actually been the one to recruit him into the NID when he himself was running the rogue group of agents who stole and exploited alien technology. (5.11 "Desperate Measures", 5.14 "48 Hours")

Simmons took Conrad to a safe house in North Dakata, where he kept the Goa'uld locked up and under constant surveillance. The Goa'uld bargained with Simmons constantly, obtaining better accommodations each time he shared his great technological knowledge. When Teal'c was accidentally stuck in the storage buffer of the Stargate, Simmons interviewed the Goa'uld about how to recover him safely and tried to obtain a Goa'uld hand device from Hammond in exchange for this information. Jack and Maybourne teamed up once again to locate Conrad and get the information for themselves while General Hammond managed to gather enough incriminating evidence to have Simmons arrested. Conrad was also taken into military custody. (5.14 "48 Hours", 6.05 "Nightwalkers")

During the time that Conrad's scientists had access to the symbiote, they forwarded genetic information to Dr. Richard Flemming, who worked for Immunotech Research, one of Conrad's many companies. Flemming and others worked on developing a superdrug derived from the healing properties of the Goa'uld. During this drug's development, Flemming managed to clone the symbiote, but he engineered these clones with a kill switch—a deadly reaction to a common antibiotic—as a precaution. The project got out of hand, and soon the clones were being implanted in the local townspeople of Steveston, Oregon. The symbiotes weren't strong enough to take full control of the people, so they came out only at night when the people had gone to bed. During these dark hours, the Goa'uld were building a spaceship in an abandoned mill. The NID found out about this and put some of their agents under cover to watch for when the Goa'uld were finished so that they could take possession of the ship, but the Goa'uld discovered the NID agents and implanted them so that they could begin taking over governmental agencies. Stargate Command became aware of all of this when Flemming contacted Carter and asked for her help. He allegedly died in a car crash soon thereafter, but his body was never recovered. Once the operation was discovered, Stargate Command had all of the Conrad symbiote clones killed and sent the unfinished ship to Area 51 for study. (6.05 "Nightwalkers")

Even though Simmons was under arrest and in military custody, he still had control of the rogue agents of the NID. A group of them managed to commandeer the X-303, the prototype for Earth's first space-worthy battle cruiser built with Terran and alien technology, while it was still in its subterranean bay in Nevada. They used their advantage to have Simmons and Conrad released from custody. Their goal was to take the X-303 to a planet that supposedly held a great cache of Ancient weapons that was written about on a tablet that Maybourne had found during his time with the NID. During a struggle between Conrad and Simmons for possession of the treasure and control of the ship, Conrad was killed. The symbiote left Conrad's body and implanted itself into Simmons. After Jack and Teal'c secretly boarded the ship, the Goa'uld attempted to kill them. Jack managed to open an air lock door and Simmons and the symbiote were sent into outer space to their deaths. The Goa'uld had made erroneous calculations, and instead of the ship's arriving at a planet with powerful weapons, it arrived at an empty point in space. (6.11 "Prometheus")


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