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Denya was one of the villagers of Ver Isca, and worked as a barmaid and the village harlot. She was killed by Tomin when he caught her, Seevis, and Vala at the Ancient Communication Terminal.

Character Biography

Denya was a barmaid in Seevis's tavern. An attractive young woman, she sometimes drew the attention of the patrons...and they were required to pay Seevis for any attention she gave them. After Vala arrived in Ver Isca, she and Denya became friends. Denya mentioned to Vala that she was pregnant once, "but it didn't last long." Vala hypothetically queried her on whether the Ori could give someone a baby magically. Denya was skeptical, and mentioned that maybe Vala was drunk. Denya revealed she'd had blackouts that lasted for days. During this conversation, Denya let slip hints she was not a true believer in the Ori.

Unbeknownst to Vala, this slip was a test to see if Vala would betray her to Seevis. Seevis ordered the very pregnant Vala to be chained to the Ara and name the heretics. Vala refused to reveal Denya's name. After three days, Denya became concerned and complained to Seevis for leaving her there. Luckily, Vala's husband, Tomin, eventually took pity on her and came to her rescue.

After this, Denya and Seevis revealed their roles as members of the Resistence to Vala. Vala in turn revealed her true identity. Seevis explained he had a plan to sabotage the Ori warships. When this sabotage failed, the three rushed to the tavern. Seevis had obtained the Ancient communications stones and terminal. Vala used the device to contact the SGC while Seevis and Denya waited and watched.

The Prior explained to Tomin that Seevis was a heretic. Tomin arrived at the tavern. He destroyed the device, breaking the connection. Denya tried to flee as Tomin shot Seevis, but he shot her in the back with his Ori staff weapon. Both Seevis and Denya appeared to suffer painful deaths.


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