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Denya, Seevis, and Vala


The Villagers of Ver Isca are followers of the Ori and were first introduced in the episode 9.19 "Crusade".

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After Vala disappeared through the ring transporter, she found herself being nursed to health by the lame villager Tomin. He had discovered her outside of town and believed her to be sent by the gods. When well enough, Vala observed the village of Ver Isca was very similar to Ver Ager, where she had visited with Daniel Jackson using the Ancient Communication Stones.

The villagers of Ver Isca were cowed from their fear of the Ori, and their fear of the village Administrator, Seevis. Seevis also was in control of all the vices in town. He ran the tavern, and controlled the prices for the prostitution. All of this was to fund a Resistence against the Ori.

All the able bodied village men went every day to train as part of the Ori army and to build the warships to invade the Milky Way Galaxy. Tomin was also one of these men. He excused Vala from much of the work, first because of her weakness when she arrived, and then because of her pregnancy.

Vala started to explore the town, and befriended Denya, the village whore. Denya revealed doubts about the Ori's godhood to Vala, though Vala kept her own counsel. Soon afterwards, Vala was arrested by Seevis, who insisted she remain chained to the Ara until she revealed unbelievers. Vala refused to betray Denya.

Vala was chained to the Ara for three days, but none of the villagers moved to help her. Finally torn between following the mandates of the Administrator and love for his wife, Tomin released the weakened Vala and brought her home.

Certain she would not betray them, Seevis and Denya revealed their roles in the Resistence to Vala. They explained they had a plan to destroy the ships, the Priors, and all their followers during the launch. Vala, in turn, explained who she really was. Knowing their plan of sabotage and fearing for Tomin's safety, she tried to get him to stay home with her during the launch, but could not. Vala joined Seevis and Denya to watch from a distance, but the plan failed. The trio quickly headed back to the village to use the terminal and stones.

Vala contacted the SGC using Daniel Jackson's body as a conduit and explained all that had transpired. The transmission was cut off when Tomin returned and shot the device. He then killed both Seevis and Denya, pursuant to the Prior's instructions. Vala convinced him to spare her and agreed to leave Ver Isca with him as he travelled to the Milky Way Galaxy.

Notable Characters

  • Seevis - Seevis was the Administrator of Ver Isca, a religious leader who supervised the worship of the Ori within his village. He acted as judge, jury, and executioner if a person is thought to be "overcome" or a heretic. Seevis also ran the local tavern and controlled the prostitution ring in the village. He used bribery, blackmail, and violence to gain money, power and more influence by the people of Ver Isca. Seevis also used the role as a front to disguise his true role as leader of the Resistence against the Ori. Seevis was killed by Tomin after the Prior of Ver Isca exposed Seevis's heresy.
  • Denya - Denya worked for Seevis in the Ver Isca tavern as both waitress and prostitute. She too was a member of the Resistence. She befriended Vala, and wanted her to join the Resistence. Denya was killed with Seevis when Tomin was alerted to their treachery by the Prior of Ver Isca.
  • Halstrom - Halstrom was one of the villagers of Ver Isca. He was attracted to Denya and was one of the villagers Seevis blackmailed in getting money to fund the resistence.
  • Prior of Ver Isca - The Prior led the Ver Isca workers in constructing the Ori warships. He also told Tomin his wife Vala was not pregnant by her husband, but that the child was the will of the Ori. Later, he informed Tomin that Denya and Seevis were plotting against the Ori back in town and instructed Tomin to kill them.
  • Tomin of Ver Isca - Tomin was a lame, and thus somewhat outcast villager. Unbeknownst to him, it also made him impotent. One day Tomin discovered Vala lying unconscious in the ring platform outside of town. He nursed her back to health and became smitten with her, believing her to be sent to him by the gods. Vala agreed to marry him, and later was noticeably pregnant. The Prior cured Tomin of his infirmity and conscripted him to be part of the army to invade the Milky Way Galaxy. Tomin was a faithful follower of the Ori religion. He was stricken when the Prior informed him that Vala's child could not be his. However, he still loved his wife. When instructed to kill Seevis and Denya by the Prior, he followed his instructions, but was swayed by Vala's arguments to spare her. He presumably left Ver Isca with Vala on one of the Ori Warships now in the Milky Way Galaxy.


  • The heretical sect of villagers allied themselves with Vala, but many were devout followers of the Ori, believing their false claims to show the way to Enlightenment.


  • The Ori and the followers subjugate the villagers to their will.


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