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Seevis was the Administrator of Ver Isca and leader of the resistence movement against the Ori. He was killed by Tomin after his plot to sabotage the Ori Warships failed.

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Seevis ran the tavern in the village of Ver Isca. He also was the Administrator, a religious leader who supervised the worship of the Ori within his village. He acted as judge, jury, and executioner if a person was thought to be "overcome" or a heretic. As barkeep and religious leader, he controlled both the virtue and vice of the village. Vala witnessed him use extortion on Halstrom to line his pockets, threatening punishment at the Ara for those who didn't pay him.

As it turned out, the monies were used to fund the Resistence movement and mask his role as the Resistence leader. His hard-line edge and using the tavern and attraction of his barmaid Denya as a prostitute ensured the village felt they needed redemption. He had sources even among the monks of Celestis, who brought him the Ancient Communication Terminal and stones after the Prior confiscated them from Ver Ager.

After Vala arrived in town, Denya and Seevis were skeptical of her true purposes there. They put her to a test. Denya revealed she was not a full believer in the Ori. Seevis then arrested her and tried to make her reveal any heretics in the village. Vala refused to betray Denya, and was left chained to the Ara for three days without food or water, even though she was very pregnant. Even Denya questioned the extent of Seevis's harsh treatment. Vala's husband, Tomin, eventually freed her.

Once assured of Vala's trust, Seevis revealed his role in the Resistence to her. He also explained his plan to destroy all ten Ori Warships when everyone was present to witness ten Priors initiate the power on the vessels. Unfortunately, the sabotage failed. Vala had explained her true identity to Seevis and Denya. They hurried back to the village and used the communication stones and terminal to allow Vala to communicate with the SGC.

Meanwhile, the Prior revealed Seevis's traitorous nature to Tomin and ordered him to return to the village and kill the Ver Isca Administator. Tomin arrived and killed Seevis and Denya. Vala's quick wit allowed her to be spared.


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