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Fenri rendered invisible in the trees
Fenri fly near the Nox floating city
Fenri banner on Tollana represents the Nox


The Fenri are a species indigenous to P3X-774. They have long been sought by the Goa’uld in the belief that they are able to render themselves invisible. Fenri are large, toothed flying creatures with an insect like appearance, able to hover and move at great speed.

When Teal’c suggested they might be useful in the fight against the Goa’uld, SG-1 visited P3X-774 armed with tranquilliser guns to capture a Fenri. While hunting the creature, SG-1 encountered Apophis and his Jaffa guard. O’Neill’s team made an attempt to capture the System Lord, but were unsuccessful leading to Jackson, Carter and O’Neill being fatally wounded. They later awoke in a simple wooden house having been revived and healed by the inhabitants of the planet, the Nox, an ancient, powerful but strongly pacifist people. In the process of getting to know the Nox and trying to persuade them of the danger of Apophis’ presence on their planet, it was revealed to SG-1 that it was not the Fenri that possessed the ability to make themselves invisible, but the Nox themselves who protected the Fenri from potential harm in this way. (1.08 "The Nox")

When Lya of the Nox was asked to sit as the third in the Tollan's Triad to determine who should possess Skaara's body, Skaara or the Goa'uld Klorel, the Tollan provided private chambers for her, denoted with a banner bearing the insignia of the Nox, a Fenri. (3.15 "Pretense")


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