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When SG-1 is invited to the Tollan planet to attend a ceremony called a "Triad," they are shocked to discover it is actually a trial to determine the fate of their old friend Skaara. Daniel and O'Neill must argue a case against a mysterious Goa'uld named Zipacna to save Skaara's personality.

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The Tollan Narim pays an unexpected visit to the SGC, inviting the members of SG-1 to participate in a ritual known as Triad. Only when SG-1 shows up on the new Tollan home world do they learn that the Triad is an ancient ceremony of justice, and the person on trial is their old friend Skaara.

The Goa'uld Klorel's death glider crash-landed on the Tollan planet. Klorel was injured, which allowed the host personality, Skaara, to emerge and request amnesty. This Triad will determine which of the personalities will forever have control over the host body: the Goa'uld Klorel, or Skaara. Dr. Daniel Jackson and Colonel Jack O'Neill will argue for Skaara's position, while another Goa'uld named Zipacna will argue for Klorel's.

As Daniel and O'Neill work on their arguments, Major Samantha Carter and Teal'c grow suspicious that Zipacna's appearance may indicate an ulterior motive. But when SG-1 brings its concerns to the Tollan leaders, it puts Skaara in further danger of losing his identity forever.


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