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Floating City of the Nox


P3X-774 was the home of the Nox, a race of pacifists and one of the four races in the great alliance of Heliopolis.


  • Names and Designations:P3X-774
  • Number of Suns: One
  • Number of Moons: Unknown
  • Source of Address: Teal'c
  • Introduced in Episode: 1.08 "The Nox"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: highly advanced alien species
  • Main Interest: Search for Fenri; later, alliance with Nox
  • Influenced/Dominated by: Nox
  • History of Stargate: The Nox is one of a great alliance with the Ancients, who created the Stargates. After SG-1 left, they buried the Stargate to prevent the Goa'uld from returning. Current status after allying with the Tollan is unknown.

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Geopolitical Structure and History

The Nox world was a heavily forested planet. Some of the Nox lived or stayed in primitive huts within the forest. Others lived in floating cities hovering in the sky. The Stargate sat in a clearing in a hilly area of land. Fruit was in abundance on the world, and creatures, such as a flying beast called the Fenri, populated the land.

Goa'uld visited the planet, hunting the Fenri, which they believed had a mystical power to become invisible. This cloaking was actually the work of the Nox, who hid their floating cities, land villages and the Fenri to protect the beasts from the hunters. The Nox were pacifists, and apparently vegetarians. They condoned no death on their land. Anyone injured or killed would be healed by the Nox's own powers. When going through this ritual, they would be unable to cloak themselves.

Teal'c gave the address of the Nox world when the U.S. Secretary of Defense expressed concern that the Stargate Program was not showing concrete results. They hunted the Fenri, only to discover it disappeared, just as a hunting party of Jaffa led by Apophis fired upon it. In a failed attempt to ambush Apophis, all of SG-1 but Teal'c were killed. The Nox stopped the firefight and cloaked SG-1 and an injured Jaffa, Shak'l, and returned them to the village to heal them.

SG-1 was grateful to be...alive, but were now concerned at the danger in which these seemingly simple people had put themselves. The team tried to stop Apophis, but the Nox again thwarted their plans. The Nox sent Apophis and his Jaffa back through the Stargate. Later, they brought SG-1 to the Stargate. Before the team left, Anteaus appeared touched by the concern the team showed them and revealed their technological might, just before sending them back and explaining they would be burying their Stargate.

Another advanced alien species, the Tollan, were brought to Earth after a cataclysm affected their original homeworld of P3X-7763 (1.17 "Enigma"). However, they were stranded, unable to contact the rest of their people and in danger of being held for "study" by Colonel Maybourne and his group (the NID) at Area 51. As an alternative, Daniel Jackson suggested the Nox, but explained he had no way of contacting the planet because their Stargate was buried. The Tollan could send a signal once they knew the coordinates, and thus contacted the Nox.

The Nox dialed the SGC Stargate, and one of the people SG-1 met, Lya, came through, offering the Tollan safe refuge with them. When Colonel Maybourne ordered the guards to fire on Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, Lya, and the Tollan, Lya made their weapons disappear. She noted although humans had not changed, Daniel had. She brought the Tollan back to the Nox world.

The Tollan eventually reunited with their people and resettled on Tollana. They remained in touch with the Nox. When Skaara crashed on Tollana and requested release from Klorel, the Tollan contacted the Nox for a neutral arbiter, called an "archon" to assist in their form of tribunal (3.15 "Pretense"). Lya attended.


Nox forest
Nox village during ritual of life
Nox enjoying fruit


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