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Major Louis Ferretti


Major Louis Ferretti was introduced in the feature film (his named spelled "Feretti") and was the second commander of SG-2. His character has not appeared since Season One, so his current whereabouts are unknown.

Character Biography

Louis Ferretti was on the first Stargate mission to Abydos (Stargate: The Movie). Their mission, as he understood it, was to recon the area and return. Helping his comrades set up on Abydos, he explained to one of them that the Stargate wormhole only worked one way. They would have to initialize a wormhole from Abydos to return to Earth. When he discovered Daniel didn't know how to dial back and was distractedly looking around, he threw Daniel's suitcase of books at him in frustration.

After O'Neill and Kawalsky took off after Daniel and the runaway mastadge, Ferretti remained in charge of the base camp by the Abydos pyramid. He and his team took refuge there when a sandstorm struck, and were still inside when Ra's ship landed on the pyramid. At least one of Ra's guards overwhelmed the team, and Ferretti and others were taken captive.

Later reunited with O'Neill and Kawalsky inside Ra's prison cell, they escaped from Ra during the scheduled "public execution", assisted by Daniel Jackson and Skaara and other Abydonian boys. Later when they staged their counterattack, Kawalsky and Ferretti were stuck outside the pyramid with Skaara and the Abydonian boys. Ferretti physically restrained Skaara from getting into the line of fire. They took cover and fought against Ra's death gliders until they were out of ammunition. They surrendered, but were rescued by Kasuf and the rest of the Abydonians revolt. When the survivors of the team headed back to Earth, Ferretti told Daniel Jackson, who was to remain on the alien planet, "I always knew you'd get us back."

When they returned, their missions reflected that the bomb detonated, and Daniel Jackson along with other members of their team were killed. Ferretti, Kawalsky, and O'Neill were called back to the Stargate facility (now called the SGC) when a glowing-eyed alien attacked the facility through the Stargate (1.01 "Children of the Gods, Part 1"). He and Kawalsky kept their silence about Daniel Jackson surviving with the Abydonians for the approximate year since the original mission. When Hammond realized the truth, he sent the three, along with three others, including Capt. Samantha Carter, on a reconnaissance mission to Abydos and to retrieve Daniel Jackson.

After reuniting with Skaara, Daniel, and his wife, Sha're, they learned the Stargate could go to other places besides Earth and Abydos. While Daniel led O'Neill, Carter, and Kawalsky to the Abydos Cartouche, Ferretti stayed behind with Sha're, Skaara, and the rest of the SGC team. While there, Apophis and his forces, including Teal'c, raided Abydos. The two other members of the mission were killed and Ferretti wounded in the ensuing firefight which resulted in the kidnapping of Sha're and Skaara. Before losing consciousness, Lou made a concerted effort to see the gate address Apophis dialed.

The others returned to find the remains of the firefight, and quickly dialed back to the SGC to return the critically wounded Ferretti. After his surgeries, Kawalsky remained at Lou's bedside, though Ferretti was not yet conscious. When he finally awoke in the SGC infirmary, his first action was to type the glyphs on a computer (1.02 "Children of the Gods Part 2"). Due to Ferretti's efforts, the SGC now had their second confirmed Gate address–Chulak.

Ferretti was still too injured to go on the Chulak mission. After Kawalsky's death, Ferretti became leader of SG-2. When SG-1 went rogue on a mission they felt was to save Earth, Ferretti offered to lead SG-2 to back them up, making it clear he owed his life to O'Neill many times over (1.22 "Within the Serpent's Grasp, Part 1"). Hammond decided to okay SG-2's mission, officially to bring them back for court martial, but unofficially to bring them back alive and well. SG-2's mission was scratched when the SGC could not get a lock on the gate address where SG-1 went.

After these events, what happened to Lou Ferretti is unknown. By Season Three, the unit was commanded by Major Coburn.


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