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Madronans in Temple


The Madronans described themselves as simple people. They were an agrarian culture and appeared quite primitive. They were very peaceful and friendly in temperment.

Stargate References

The Madronans were a simple, peaceful people. Their home, Madrona, was terraformed approximately 900 years ago (2.14 "Touchstone"). Presumably the Madronans arrived there after that time. Capt. Samantha Carter conjectured that another alien race had done the terraforming, and had developed the Touchstone device which maintained that climate. The Madronan weapons were simple bows and arrows and spears, and none knew how to work the "portal", i.e., the Stargate.

However, the high priest knew how to work the Touchstone, and he used it for their crops and daily living. Without the Touchstone, the weather on Madrona was chaotic. Although the Touchstone was guarded, they trusted people they perceived to be SGC members when they came through the Stargate, and were angered when their trust was violated by the theft of the Touchstone. SG-1 assured them they did not steal the device, and made its recovery a top priority. Skeptical, the Madronans gave SG-1 the benefit of the doubt, and released them to find the real thieves. They were extremely grateful and eager to continue the alliance with the SGC when SG-1 returned the Touchstone and saved them.

Years later, the Madronans were mentioned as a peaceful, and advanced culture with the resources to accept the thousands of Langaran refugees when that world was facing imminent destruction (7.14 "Fallout"). The Langarans were not appreciative of the offer, still spewing their internal differences and wanting unpopulated worlds for each nation. Later, the Langarans conceded to sending a preliminary team to meet the Madronans, but it is unclear if they ever went. Eventually, the bickering drew to a close when Col. O'Neill, with Hammond's approval, rescinded the offer of Madrona(s). If Jonas Quinn, Maj. Carter, and Teal'c were unsuccessful in their mission to stop the cascade effect of the naqudria, Langara would be doomed.

Notable Characters

  • Roham — was the high priest and apparent leader of the Madronans. As high priest, he controlled the Touchstone, adjusting it to affect the weather patterns of his world. An older, blind man, Roham depended on his niece, Princess LaMoor to be his eyes.
  • Princess LaMoor — niece of the high priest, Rohan, LaMoor acted as diplomat and chief aide to her blind uncle. Even when Rohan doubted SG-1, LaMoor maintained her trust in the team.


  • Stargate Command (SGC) — Stargate Command sought to ally themselves with the peaceful Madronans, and took desperate measures to save the people when the NID stole the Touchstone. They remained allied with the Madronans for years; when the Madronans offered their world as a refuge for the Langarans, the SGC eventually stopped the proceedings because they liked the Madronans too much to force them to put up with the bickering Langarans.


  • NID — The NID under Colonel Maybourne was interested in obtaining alien technology at any cost. An NID team was sent through the Antarctic Stargate to steal the Touchstone, without regard to the havoc it would create on Madrona.


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