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Kassa farmer


The People of P6G-452 were an agrarian society, subject to the control of the mafia-style syndicate, the Lucian Alliance. The inhabitants grew kassa on the planet and were introduced in the episode 9.16 "Off The Grid".

Stargate References

Not too much is known about the native inhabitants of P6G-452. When SG-1 did a reconnaissance mission to the planet, they encountered a local farmer, who was very frightened of them, and believed they were members of the Lucian Alliance. A Lucian Alliance member, Worrel, controlled all the farmland in the area near the Stargate. The local inhabitants worked the fields and gave the harvests of the artificially addictive kassa crops to Worrel. The farmer, at least, was also addicted to kassa.

Worrel lived in a large compound near some of his fields. He did not live there alone. Several other very dangerous looking men were his subordinates. It is unclear if the men were originally natives of the planet or not, but they were clearly muscle for the Lucian Alliance. The group captured SG-1 and tortured them for almost two days before the team was rescued by the Odyssey.

Notable Characters

  • Kassa Farmer - The Kassa farmer was a native of the planet. He was not above sneaking an ear of corn that would not be missed by the alliance; clearly he was addicted to the substance. He was very afraid of Worrel and members of the Lucian Alliance, and feared SG-1, believing the team to also be members of the syndicate. At Col. Mitchell's request, he told Worrel they wanted to buy kassa from him. Before departing, he warned the team that Worrel was dangerous.
  • Worrel - Worrel was a member of the Lucian Alliance and controlled the kassa farms on P6G-452. He was very worried when the Stargate from the planet disappeared, and tortured the captured SG-1 for almost two days trying to find out its location.


  • No known alliances, though the inhabitants were under the thumb of the Lucian Alliance.


  • Based upon the native farmer's pleading and mention of fear as the father of children, it seems the Lucian Alliance was an enemy, controlling the locals through extortion.


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