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Col. Raimi


Col. Raimi was the commander of SG-22 when his team accompanied SG-1 to P9G-844 to find the legendary Sodan Jaffa. (9.08 "Babylon")

Character Biography

The Sodan Jaffa were a group of highly-skilled warriors who found their freedom 5,000 years ago. They went searching for Kheb, but found the planet designated P9G-844 instead. This planet was home to the Ancients at one time and the Sodan soon created a society centered around the worshipping of the Ascended Ancients as gods, meditating on the Path to Enlightenment. (9.08 "Babylon")

After the Free Jaffa established their nation on Dakara, information about the Sodan among them began to spread. Teal'c followed up on this information and led SG-1 and SG-22 in search of them, hoping that they would join the Free Jaffa as mentors of the art of living in freedom. (9.08 "Babylon")

SG-22 stayed near the Stargate as SG-1 penetrated deeper into a forest. Suddenly they were ambushed by invisible assailants. Col. Mitchell ordered his team back to the Stargate as he covered their six and was wounded severely. The Sodan took him away through the teleportation device called the Eye of the Gods. When the rest of SG-1 and SG-22 arrived to where the ambush had occurred, they found only one person, a Sodan Jaffa named Volnek. SG-1 had him taken back to the SGC for treatment, hoping that he'd eventually be able to tell them what had become of Mitchell. (9.08 "Babylon")

SG-22 spread out from the area of the ambush and Col. Raimi discovered the Eye of the Gods covered in vines. They searched the area more, but still couldn't find anyone else. The SGC sent Dr. Bill Lee to attempt to activate the device, but he was zapped with an energy surge instead. Eventually, the Prometheus was called in to run scans of the planet and other inhabitable bodies in the nearby system, but no more leads were made. (9.08 "Babylon")

Mitchell made it home with the help of one of the Sodan two weeks after his disappearance. SG-22 returned with Mitchell to the planet a little later, but Col. Raimi was not among the personnel. (9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1", 9.11 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2")


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