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SG-22 (in background) and SG-1 brief Sodan


SG-22 is one of the more recently added teams to Stargate Command. The team was one of the most experienced at exploring the Sodan homeworld P9G-844 and had contacts amongst the free Jaffa.

Stargate References

Balinsky of SG-22 in skewed timeline
SG-22 backing up Jackson and Mitchell

The first view of SG-22 was actually in a skewed timeline (8.19 "Moebius Part 1"). Lt. Balinsky, formerly of SG-13 was with SG-22 doing a mineral survey. The team was debriefing Gen. O'Neill on their findings when Dr. Daniel Jackson interrupted with news he may have discovered a ZPM in Ancient Egypt. The timeline actually altered very slightly due to SG-1's actions, so it is uncertain but likely that Balinsky was with SG-22 in the "final" timeline.

SG-22, led by Col. Raimi, were backup to SG-1 as they explored P9G-844 (9.08 "Babylon"). Teal'c had been led to believe this was the home of the legendary Sodan–a group of Jaffa warriors who'd won freedom from the Goa'uld millenia before the Rebel Jaffa movement. When SG-1 came under fire from "invisble warriors", Carter called SG-22 to assist. They arrived in time to make the Sodan retreat, and found an injured warrior, Volnek. Mitchell was nowhere to be found. Searching for Mitchell, SG-22 discovered an obelisk (the Eye of the Gods). A science team, including Bill Lee, came to the planet to determine how it worked.

Later, SG-22, without Col. Raimi, returned to the planet with a recovered Col. Mitchell, Daniel Jackson, and SG-6, trying to contact the Sodan again now that Mitchell had made inroads to an alliance (9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1"). They were ambushed by Sodan warriors. This time, the Sodan leader, Haikon, wanted to parlay (9.11 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2"). The Sodan had become disenchanted with the Ori and wanted to form an alliance. SG-22 and SG-6 assisted in Mitchell's plan to trap a Prior of the Ori, standing guard while Dr. Jackson activated the experimental Anti-Prior Device. They were also witness when the Ori eventually overcame this suppression of his powers and infected Gen. Landry with a terrible plague. None of SG-22 appeared to become infected.

When the SGC received a call for help from P9G-844, SG-12 and Teal'c were sent on an inital search and rescue (9.18 "Arthur's Mantle"). When they did not contact the base as scheduled, SG-22 joined SG-3, under the command of Col. Reynolds went to the planet to find out what happened. They found the Sodan village destroyed; only the leader Haikon was alive, and he was gravely injured. Teal'c and SG-12 were injured and stranded because the Eye of the Gods was missing a key crystal. The teams provided backup to Teal'c (and unknowingly, an out of phase Mitchell) as they recovered the crystal from a possessed "undead" Volnek.

SG-22 stayed in contact with Jaffa on P8T-365 (10.17 Talion). Although the planet had fallen to the Ori, several Jaffa remained resistant and gave SG-22 intelligence on Ori and Prior movements. While the SGC was in cautious talks with the bloodthirsty Jaffa Arkad, SG-22 learned from these rebel Jaffa of P8T-365 that several hundred Jaffa, including a few of their inside men, were regularly being ferried by ha'tak to another planet to mine raw naquadah for Arkad. In return, Arkad would police the planet, get even more Jaffa planets to fall in line. Plans for the naquadah was reportedly being stockpiled for a coordinated attack on Earth. SG-22 and SG-3 shared this intelligence with Landry.


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Bryan Elliot played Col. Raimi

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