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Eye of the Gods near village


The Eye of the Gods was an Ancient teleportation device that was able to transport individuals from one part of a planet to another instantaneously. It could be modified to also include a correlative remote dialling program that would work in conjunction with a Stargate.

Stargate References

The Eye of the Gods on P9G-844 is made up of two obelisks powered by crystal technology. Ancient writing on the outside of the device was translated by Daniel Jackson to read the "aperture or gateway to enlightenment". The Sodan who used it called it the "Eye of the Gods."

When the device activated, a beam would convert matter to energy and transport individuals instantaneously to the other obelisk (9.18 "Arthur's Mantle"). The device has never been seen in action from the departure site, but upon arrival, the obelisk glows with a blinding yellow light, and when the light dissipates, the travelers are beside the device.

The device could only be operated if the correct code was input on symbols on the obelisk. The device also had a defense mechanism built into its controls. If someone tried to bypass the codes, an electrical shock was produced. Bill Lee activated this safeguard when he tried to do just that, and lost the use of his legs for a few days (9.08 "Babylon"). The only ones to have the code besides the Sodan were the SGC, and only after Col. Mitchell was able to gain the Sodan's trust (9.18 "Arthur's Mantle").

The Sodan used the device to travel from the P9G-844 Stargate to the Sodan village (9.08 "Babylon"). Based on the locations of the Stargate and Ancient ruins, it is reasonable to conjecture the Ancients did the same. The distance between the two obelisks would take many months on foot and was a treacherous journey across a mountain range.

The device could be disabled by removal of one of the control crystals. The zombiefied Volnek did just that during his berserker slaughter of the Sodan population and the SGC rescuer parties (9.18 "Arthurs' Mantle"). The SGC members were unable to return to the Stargate without the control crystal for that obelisk. The other obelisk by the Stargate remained unaffected, and reinforcements were able to join them in the village by using the Eye of the Gods from that location. Cameron Mitchell was able to retrieve the control crystal from Volnek before he was destroyed. The SG teams and injured Haikon returned to the Stargate using the device.

A variation on the transportation obelisk was used to hide Merlin's laboratory and was linked with a remote dialing device for the Stargate system (10.11 "The Quest Part 2"). A similar obelisk was left by Morgan Le Fay on a hidden planet. Once seekers of the Sangreal passed all the requisite tests, they would arrive at a platform in front of an obelisk. Those "true of spirit" (i.e., not Ori) who tried to reach for a holographic image of the Sangreal stone would be transported: a blue crystal on the obelisk would light, the individuals would be beamed away and simultaneously the obelisk would instantly activate the Stargate to a destination outside the Stargate network. When Daniel Jackson reached for the Sangreal after SG-1, Ba'al, and Adria passed all these tests, his team and Ba'al were transported away, leaving Adria behind.

The coded destination they were beamed into was Merlin's lab, where the former ascended had been kept in stasis. Merlin's lab was hidden in a cave on a group of planets cut off from the rest of the Stargate network. The dial home device (DHD) was inoperable so long as the obelisk's remote dialer was active. The obelisk was close to the Stargate. Every two hours, the obelisk would activate, transporting everything active in the lab and any living individuals to an identical cave on a different planet. After Merlin died, his body did not transfer on the next beam out. However, pieces of the Sangreal and the active repository did transfer.

Despite Morgan Le Fay and/or Merlin's safeguards that encrypted the destination addresses for Merlin's cave, Adria was slowly able to use her Ori knowledge of the Stargate technology to track the movements, and eventually caught up with SG-1, using the obelisk to beam directly to Merlin's lab while her soldiers travelled through the Stargate.



Eye of the Gods near the Stargate
Teal'c & SG-12 beam in at Village Eye of the Gods
Teal'c presses code to activate device
Crystal control interior of device
Activating crystal for variation of obelisk
Carter and Ba'al work on overriding Obelisk controls
SG-1 beamed away, leaving Adria behind
Obelisk for one network planet for Merlin's lab
Obelisk for one of network planets for Merlin's lab

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