Ruselin Chernovshev

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Col. Ruselin Chernovshev


Col. Ruselin Chernovshev was Chief of Staff to the Russian Minister of Defense, Gen. Miroslav Kiselev. He was also one of the members of a rogue group of the Russian Stargate Program and was believed to have been involved in selling the Goa'uld symbiote to Adrian Conrad many years ago (5.11 "Desperate Measures"). Members of The Trust most likely implanted Chernovshev when they returned to Earth after having been captured and implanted somewhere out in the galaxy. Chernovshev was responsible for implanting Gen. Kiselev with a Goa'uld symbiote and was part of the plot to bring about a nuclear war on Earth in order to access the Ancient weapon in the Antarctic Outpost. Russian President Mikhailov was persuaded by Gen. Jack O'Neill and Col. Chekov to apprehend Kiselev and his Goa'uld co-conspirators before they could start the war. (8.14 "Full Alert")


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