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Colonel Chekov


Russian Army Colonel Chekov is the Russian Federation's liaison with the Stargate Program.

Character Biography

Colonel Chekov of the Russian Army first appeared at Stargate Command for the debriefing of the Russian team sent with SG-1 to P2X-338 for a rescue mission (5.08 "The Tomb"). A Russian team had been stranded there during the time period Russia operated their own separate Stargate program. During this debriefing, he was visibly angry that only one of either Russian team survived, and that his friend Col. Zukhov was killed, while SG-1 appeared unscathed. He blamed O'Neill for what happened and noted that they would debrief Lt. Tolinev more at home to ensure they got the "true" story about what happened.

Chekov next was in charge of negotiations between Russian and the United States delegation made up of Major Paul Davis and Dr. Daniel Jackson when a Stargate malfunction left Teal'c's energy pattern trapped and the SGC Stargate unusable (5.14 "48 Hours"). Chekov followed orders and allowed offworld teams to return to Earth through the Russian Stargate and further to allow one team to contact the Tok'ra for advice, but he also used the situation as a bargaining chip. Not only was he trying to enforce the terms of the Russian/American Stargate agreement (which both sides had violated), he angled for more access to the SGC program and resulting technology, including receiving naquadah. The Russian DHD was required to rescue Teal'c.

Dr. Jackson's heartfelt humanitarian plea finally broke through, and Chekov agreed to allow use of the DHD so long as he could accompany it. The rescue was successful, but unfortunately, a resulting overload destroyed the Russian's DHD. The Russians were compensated, however, because apparently the SGC did accede to Chekov's demands. They allowed greater access to the SGC files, and a supply of naquadah, overseen by the Dr. Rodney McKay, who was transferred to Russia.

Chekov became attached to the SGC as the Russian envoy to the program. After Dr. Jackson's ascension, Col. Chekov angled for a Russian to be assigned to the flagship team, SG-1 (6.01 "Redemption Part 1"). O'Neill refused to comply. When Hammond was going to force the issue, O'Neill revealed that he had decided to allow Jonas Quinn to become the fourth member (6.02 "Redemption Part 2"). O'Neill suggested the Russians have their own SG team to smooth relations.

Chekov was present at Stargate Command when Anubis sent a radioactive Ancient weapon beam through the Stargate (6.01 "Redemption Part 1"). He expressed his frustration that the alien allies, such as the Asgard, were not helpful. He also became livid when he somehow became aware of the secret X-302 fighter program. However, after they determined they should send the SGC Stargate into orbit before it became critical and exploded, Chekov slyly attempted to work the situation to his advantage (6.02 "Redemption Part 2"). In exchange for the SGC's continued cooperation and access to the X-302 technology, the Russians would be willing to rent their Stargate to the SGC. With the destruction of Anubis's Ancient weapon, this offer was accepted.

Chekov lived up to his alliance. He maintained the cover story with the Chinese and French and British ambassadors questioned him regarding the loss of the Russian submarine (the incident that allowed Russian to obtain the Stargate) (6.17 "Disclosure, see also 4.01 "Small Victories"). To his surprise, the United States were revealing the existence of the program to these ambassadors. He remained allied with General Hammond, attempting to grease the wheels for its acceptance, and mentioning how the alliance was helpful, since the United States put out all the initial expenditures and dealt with experimental snafus, while Russia (and perhaps later China) would reap the final benefits. An appearance by Thor sealed the acceptance of the various ambassadors. This alliance between the nations eventually became the International Oversight Advisory (IOA) that facilitated the Atlantis project, and later provided funding to Stargate Command (SGC). Chekov became the Russian representative to the IOA.

Chekov met with the new SGC leader, General Jack O'Neill, when the Russian government started going to a heightened state of alert and were concerned about Goa'ulds taking over the American political and military leaders, perhaps attacking Russia (8.14 "Full Alert"). They believed their intelligence was correct when former Vice President Robert Kinsey, now a Goa'uld, attempted to meet with General Kiselev, the Russian Minister of Defense. As it later turned out, Kinsey was a red herring and Kiselev and others in Russia were Goa'ulded members of the Trust.

While the investigation was ongoing, Chekov contacted his top aide, Captain Voronkova, to assist (and keep an eye upon) Dr. Jackson in whatever way possible as he conducted an investigation in Russia. Meanwhile, Chekov remained with O'Neill at Stargate Command to monitor the situation. He eventually used his inside connections to reach the President privately. When the evidence pointed to General Kiselev as a Goa'uld, O'Neill and Chekov were able to convince the Russian President to stand down before full scale war broke out between the two nations.

When the Priors sent a plague to Earth that spread internationally amongst the population, the IOA met with Landry to discuss the situation (9.11 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2"). Chekov was present as the Russian delegate, and in fact was the voice of reason when things became particularly heated between the SGC head, General Landry, and the French IOA representative, LaPierre.

Close to three years after the lease of the Stargate was first established, it was up for renewal. The Russians, and apparently Chekov in particular, once again maneuvered to give the Russians an advantage. They engaged in talks with the Chinese, professing interest in taking back the Stargate and renting the Stargate to the Chinese instead, with the IOA oversight (9.19 "Crusade"). The Chinese IOA delegate Shen Xiaoyi attended the lease renewal meeting with Chekov and Landry. Outside the hearing of Shen, Landry noted that he recognized the ploy for what it was and demanded to know what Chekov and the Russians wanted. Aside from even more money in the lease renewal, Chekov wanted the next 304 Daedalus-class ship to come off the production line. The Russians and Americans reached an agreement.

Chekov may have come to rue that agreement. The latest 304, christened the Korolev, was rushed out of production. Chekov commanded, and their first mission was to join the Odyssey to attempt to prevent the Ori from coming through a Supergate at P3Y-229 (9.20 "Camelot Part 2"). Stopping briefly at Camelot to beam Daniel Jackson and Cameron Mitchell aboard, the Korolev arrived just as the battle commenced. The ha'taks and 304s were no match for the Ori warships. The Korolev was destroyed in the battle (10.01 "Flesh and Blood Part 3"). Although a few survivors made it off the ship, including Jackson, Mitchell, and six crew members who were beamed to the crippled Odyssey, it is unlikely Chekov survived.


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