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Relations between the U.S. and Russia are strained, with the Russians believing the U.S. administration is compromised. Daniel travels to Moscow to meet with them, but is detained for questioning - and a blood sample. The Russians have good reason: they've captured an American assassin, former Vice President Kinsey, who is most definitely not himself these days.

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Brig. Gen. Jack O'Neill comes home to find treacherous former Vice-President Robert Kinsey in his living room. Kinsey tells O'Neill that he can help him take down The Trust — a group of rogue NID agents who, to date, have usurped control of an Al'kesh, tried to steal the Stargate, and attempted to wipe out the Goa'uld (along with millions of innocent Jaffa) with a symbiote poison (8.10 "Endgame").

Kinsey was working with The Trust until he became an embarrassment to the White House and was forced to resign. Now, in return for a big payday, The Trust wants Kinsey to arrange a meeting with General Miroslav Kiselev, the Russian Minister of Defense, to stir up a war with the United States.

O'Neill grants Kinsey protection. Kinsey is wired for sound and video. But the meeting isn't what Kinsey expects: While Lt. Col. Samantha Carter, Teal'c, and Daniel Jackson have him under surveillance, he and The Trust agents are beamed aboard their Al'kesh, which cloaks and escapes.

O'Neill sends Teal'c to the Prometheus and Daniel to Moscow to try to meet with Kiselev and find out what's going on. Daniel's beautiful Russian liaison, Captain Daria Voronkova, arranges the meeting. But Daniel is picked up by the Russian military and interrogated. An American allegedly has been caught trying to assassinate Kiselev. Daniel sees the suspect on a video monitor. It is Kinsey, his eyes glowing. He's been turned into a Goa'uld.

Russia is now at a state of heightened alert. America has gone to Defcon 3. Colonel Chekov arrives at SGC. He says that Russia believes the American administration has been infected by the Goa'uld and is insisting that everyone in key positions, including the President, be tested. O'Neill's reply: "Not gonna happen."

Carter's theory is that it is The Trust that has been infected by the Goa'uld. Kinsey wasn't sent to assassinate Kiselev, but to infect him with a symbiote so that he, in turn, could do the same to Russian President Mikhailov.

Meanwhile, the Chinese, who have sided with the Russians, are refusing to back down. O'Neill orders the United States military to Defcon 2.

Voronkova springs Daniel from custody and takes him to see Kinsey, in the hope that he can get Kinsey to reveal the Goa'uld plan. They are interrupted by a squad of armed Russian officers. Daniel grabs Kinsey and activates a portable locator beacon. Teal'c beams them up to the Prometheus, where Kinsey is taken to the brig. Meanwhile, the Trust/Goa'uld agents uncloak their Al'kesh and fire on the Prometheus to eliminate Kinsey. Kinsey kills his guards and rings over to the Al'kesh, where he kills the Trust/Goa'uld named Jennings in retaliation and takes his wrist device. The remaining Trust/Goa'uld find Jennings dead and Kinsey gone. They power up weapons again, targeting the Prometheus, which fires first, destroying the Al'kesh.

Back at SGC, the U.S. military is now at Defcon 1. Russian missile silos are open. O'Neill and Chekov are on the phone trying to convince Russian President Mikhailov that it is his forces that have been infiltrated, not America's, and that General Kiselev himself is a Goa'uld, as Carter has just discovered. This entire war is being arranged so that Earth can be destroyed by its own military forces, enabling the Goa'uld to step in and take the Ancient weapon at Antarctica.

Contact with Mikhailov is lost. O'Neill is about to order a launch. At the last second, however, he gets the word: The Russian silo doors have closed. Bombers are returning to base. Mikhailov must have been convinced. The alert is ended.

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