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Season 6 era SG-4 with a refugee


SG-4 was one of the first teams created when Stargate Command was established. At one point, the team became designated as the Russian team per the treaty between that country and the U.S.

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SG-4 was to be given a briefing by Daniel Jackson, but he did not show up for the briefing because he made an unauthorized visit to Catherine Langford's home to talk about the time the Stargate was activated in 1945 (1.11 "The Torment of Tantalus"). No further information was given as to the contents of this briefing.

SG-4 was scheduled to go on a mission to P8X-362 at 1100 on the day SG-1 unexpectedly returned home early from Oannes, reporting Daniel dead from a sudden volcanic fire (1.13 "Fire and Water"). It was later determined Dr. Jackson was not dead, but the team had been implanted with false memories. No word on whether SG-4 completed their mission to P8X-362.

When SG-1 discovered a young girl named Cassandra as the only survivor of the planet Hanka, they brought her back to Stargate Command (1.15 "Singularity"). Unfortunately, once there, they discovered Cassandra was a type of Trojan Horse, implanted with a naquadah bomb that would destroy the SGC. General Hammond determined that Capt. Carter and SG-4 should return the girl to Hanka. However, the mission was aborted when Teal'c and O'Neill returned from Hanka with new knowledge that Nirrti was behind everything and the Goa'uld's tactics would have the naquadah of the Stargate interact with Cassandra's bomb and detonate immediately.

SG-4 was one of several teams offworld when SG-10 dialed back to Stargate Command from P3W-451 (2.15 "A Matter of Time"). When Stargate Command dialed back after the wormhole immediately shut down, they got trapped in the gravitational effects of a black hole hovering over P3W-451. Time warped and the Stargate would not shut down. SG-4 was trapped offworld for two weeks until Earth's connection to the black hole could be severed.

SG-4 commander Lt. Col. Sergei Evanov

SG-4, led by Lt. Col. Evanov, was on a standard initial recon mission to P3X-367 when they encountered Alebran, an individual looking through the remains of his village and all the dead (6.16 "Metamorphosis"). He realized Nirrti, the being he believed was a god, had lied to him and he begged SG-4 to help him. They returned to Earth with Alebran to report on Nirrti's activities, believing that since she still had few Jaffa, they could easily overtake her. Alebran died soon after arrival at the SGC, his body too damaged by Nirrti's manipulations.

SG-1's commander Jack O'Neill and Evanov made barely veiled insults at each other–O'Neill because of SG-4's breach of protocol in bringing Alebran to the SGC, and Evanov because O'Neill's deal with Nirrti let her escape to wreak this havoc on the people of P3X-637 (see 5.16 "Rite of Passage"). Hammond refereed the sniping, ordering both SG-4 and SG-1 back to the planet, having O'Neill as senior officer of both teams (6.16 "Metamorphosis"). While the rest of SG-4 guarded the Stargate, Evanov went with the rest of SG-1 to reconnoiter the area.

When they reached Nirrti's fortress, Evanov stayed guard outside while SG-1 entered. Unfortunately, all were captured by Nirrti and the natives still fooled into thinking she was a benevolent god. Evanov tried to warn his team, but the radio was yanked out of his hand before he could try. He believed they would follow standard operating procedure and return to base once they did not hear, but it was unclear if the team did so. Evanov himself was taken to Nirrti's DNA manipulation machine, and the effects eventually killed him in the prison cell.

It's uncertain whether SG-4 remained the Russian team or not. When SG-1 was on P2A-347, it encountered the Stromos, a crashed ship full of passengers in stasis (7.06 "Lifeboat"). The sole awake passenger, Pharrin, knocked the team out and downloaded consciousnesses of a dozen dead passengers and crew into Daniel Jackson, but Teal'c awoke before he could to the same to others. After the SGC discovered Pharrin, they worked with him to save Daniel and the surviving members of the Stromos. Once awakened, Jack O'Neill was happy to leave the job of relocating the survivors to SG-4, perhaps even finding their planned destination, Ardena. This may be because of SG-4's usual job, or a callback to Evanov's actions on Nirrti's world based on the sarcasm in O'Neill's comment.

SG-4 and SG-5 went on a mission to Langara with Col. Telford, Richard Woolsey, and Dr. Rodney McKay (SGU 2.15 "Seizure"). They provided security while two members of Destiny's crew swapped bodies using the Ancient Communication Stones with the Langaran Administrator and chief of security. While the Destiny crew provided cover, Dr. McKay attempted to prove his theory that Langaran's unique naquadria properties would allow them to dial the ninth Stargate chevron without harming the planet. Meanwhile, Mr. Woolsey checked for proof that Langara had a deal with the enemy Lucian Alliance. The ruse was discovered and SG-4 and SG-5 were ordered to stand down and allow themselves to be taken into Langaran custody with the rest of the Earth delegation. Before their arrest, they discovered that McKay's theory was working and that Langara had refused association with the Lucian Alliance so as not to jeopardize their alliance with Earth. After negotiations, the teams and the rest of the delegation were released back home.


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