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Solek was Anateo's right hand man. He is presumed dead after the Odyssey hijacking.

Character Biography

Solek was Anateo's trusted advisor and chief henchman, doing much of the Lucian Alliace "second"'s dirty work. Solek was by Anateo's side when he successfully ambushed the Odyssey. With Anateo's approval, he killed Col. Emerson as a show of force and intimidation to Lt. Col. Carter to force her to detach the transponder/flight recorder. Solek then took it to a planet as bait for a trap for the rest of SG-1. Only Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran appeared, but Solek zatted them and brought them back to Anateo and the Odyssey. When Anateo began to suspect something was wrong after Teresh missed a check-in, Solek went to the cargo hold where the crew was kept captive and immediately noticed Daniel and Vala's disappearance. Solek was beamed out of the cargo bay by Vala. Since she was not confident using the Asgard beams in the damaged ship, Solek's beaming destination was unknown. A search of the ship did not turn him up, and it is very possible he met his boss's fate and was beamed into the vacuum of space.


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