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Anateo was one of Netan's "seconds" within the Lucian Alliance and the one who successfully ambushed and hijacked Odyssey.

Character Biography

Anateo became frustrated as more and more of his territory was being taken over by the Ori (10.09 "Company of Thieves"). According to Netan, Anateo visited him months before the Odyssey attack to discuss taking over fellow "second" Karug's territory. Instead, he and Netan hatched a plan whereby Anateo would be able to get one of the powerful Tau'ri vessels. Anateo apparently recognized Netan's move. It was a foolhardy endeavor that he would likely fail at, killing him and quashing any ambitions he may have for Netan's spot as head of the Lucian Alliance. If successful, Netan would receive the credit.

The plan worked. The Odyssey arrived at the planned location, looking for the supergate they had heard was there by Free Jaffa allies. Instead, they met three of Anateo's ha'taks which knocked out the 304's hyperspace abilities in the first salvo. Anateo had also set up a minefield as a trap, which the Odyssey fled into and was thus crippled.

Once Odyssey was disabled, Anateo and a team of fifteen men boarded and corralled the injured crew into a cargo bay. Noting Lt. Col. Samantha Carter was on board, Anateo expanded upon his plan to bring Odyssey to the Lucian Alliance. Instead of presenting the ship to Netan, he would capture the rest of SG-1 as well and use these trophies to show he should be the new leader of the Lucian Alliance.

Anateo forced Sam to detach the transponder array after she witnessed the callous execution of the commander of Odyssey, Colonel Emerson. Anateo sent his second in command, Solek, with the transponder to set the bait for the rest of SG-1. Solek returned with Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran in tow. With lecherous innuendo, Anateo threatened Sam with death if she did not fix the vessel. Sam used the time to stall and try to plan a way to retake the ship.

When Anateo realized Daniel and Vala had escaped the cargo hold, he knew Sam was a liability to him. He announced to Daniel and Vala by intercom that Carter's life was now forfeit and if they did not surrender, others in the crew would be next. Before he could shoot Sam, he was beamed away by Vala to the outside of the ship. Anateo fired his gun at the window of the bridge before bouncing off the Odyssey and drifting into space, dead.


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