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Soren was a religious zealot who believed that the activation of the Stargate by SG-1 was a sign that his beliefs in the gods were true and that he needed to prepare the people to receive the gods who would be returning to reward the faithful. (8.05 "Icon")

Character Biography

As a believer in the old scriptures left by the Goa'uld, Soren was devoted to the religious belief that one day his gods would return. He had many followers who believed him as well. When SG-1 came through the Stargate, called the Great Ring of Avidan, Soren immediately felt it was his duty to take control of the Stargate and prepare for the gods' return. Already aware that the two major countries on the planet, the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation, had enough missiles pointed at each other to wipe each other off the face of the world, Soren organized the first move to cause the two countries to start the war, giving him the opportunity to become the leader during the chaos which was sure to take place after the destruction.

Soren succeeded in starting the war and took control of the bunker in which the Rand Protectorate had moved the Stargate. He assassinated Rand's leader, Commander Gareth, to set up his base of operations, and even renamed the country as Avidan (which is from an old Goa'uld dialect which means "the gods are just"). He sent out groups of men to terrorize and kill all those who did not turn to his religion. He had the gall to ask the SGC for weapons instead of food and medicine so that he could finish his revolution by taking Caledonia as well. He used as leverage the fact that the SGC wanted to search for Daniel Jackson, who had been present on the planet when the war broke out.

Daniel knew that radio transmissions travel both ways in a wormhole, so he tried regularly to contact the SGC whenever he thought that they would attempt to locate him. Eventually, he contacted them and arranged for a group of SG teams to come through the Stargate in the bunker at the same time Jared Kane, Gareth's chief aide, arranged to raid the bunker from the surface. Through this concerted effort, Kane retook the bunker. Soren, wanting to show his commitment to his cause to his faltering followers, walked into the bunker area where his men had failed to keep it secure and Kane assassinated him, most likely as recompense for Soren's cold-blooded assassination of Commander Gareth. (8.05 "Icon")

Both countries began to rebuild after Soren started this war, but their differences could not be put aside. When a Prior of the Ori helped the Rand Protectorate build a killer satellite, the Caledonians were once again threatened by Rand's superior technology. Unfortunately, both sides eventually destroyed the other and the Stargate was buried in the rubble. (9.15 "Ethon")


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