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Jared Kane


Jared Kane was introduced in the episode, 8.05 "Icon".

Character Biography

Season Eight

Jared Kane worked his way up to senior aide of Commander Gareth, leader of the Rand Protectorate. For the last few years of his career climb, he started to ignore his relationship with his wife, Leda. They cared for one another, but Kane was focused on the desperate condition of his planet's politics: the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation were in a decades-long cold war with enough weapons pointed at each other to wipe each other off the face of the planet.

On a bright day during the tour being given at the Rand Protectorate's museum, the Great Ring of Avidan came to life. Out of it emerged the SGC's MALP and soon thereafter, three representatives of the planet Earth: Col. Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c.

Kane accompanied Commander Gareth and SG-1 during their first mission to the Rand Protectorate. He was amazed that the people of Earth were humans. While Gareth concentrated on the military and security issues of the meeting, Kane concentrated on the human potential wrapped up in the person of Daniel Jackson. After this initial meeting, Daniel returned to the planet and stayed, attempting to gather more information on this seemingly peaceful and technologically burgeoning civilization. Daniel, however, was reminded of the cold war status of the world when he was accompanied by representatives of the Rand Protectorate when he conducted talks with those of the Caledonian Federation, under the leadership of Minister Treydan. The Minister was well aware that the rival nation was taking advantage of having the Great Ring on their soil and were limiting the amount of information the offworlder was able to reveal about the stargate, the Goa'uld, and his world he called Earth.

After a month of meetings, Daniel returned to his home and reported his findings to Gen. Jack O'Neill and the rest of his team. Daniel told them of the significance of their activating the stargate: it sparked a third group under the religious zealot named Soren to gather strength and threaten the security of the world because now their beliefs in their gods had been validated. Jack was not ready to claim responsibility for the escalating tension, but Daniel persuaded him to allow him to return to the planet and attempt to smooth things over.

Kane accompanied Daniel on his next visit, showing him the bunker where the Rand Protectorate coordinated its strategic endeavours. The world had changed some since Daniel had left and returned; Soren had prompted civil unrest and the country had gone under a code blue alert. Still, Daniel stayed.

After two more weeks, Soren was able to gain access to one of the Rand Protectorate's missile deployment facilities. Minister Treydan was afraid that if Soren took control of the missiles, then he would attack Caledonia. So, after urging Commander Gareth not to retaliate, Minister Treydan ordered that missiles be launched against Rand's missile facilities to prevent further threat from Soren's group. During this volley, Kane attempted to get Daniel back to the stargate which had been moved to another bunker in their underground bunker complex, but Soren's rebels overran the control bunker and they had to escape to the surface where both were injured in the blasts. The bunker fell into Soren's hands and Commander Gareth was executed on the spot.

Fortunately, some of the Rand Protectorate's soldiers found Kane and Daniel and took them to Leda's uncle's farmhouse a few miles outside the main city. There, Kane recuperated from a bullet wound to his left leg and abrasions from the bombing. After about a month, Daniel was still bedridden and in and out of consciousness because his injuries were much more severe. Leda took care of him while Kane and a few of his men patroled the area searching for survivors.

After another few weeks, Kane returned to find that his wife had been successful in Daniel's recovery, but he noticed that Leda had grown close to Daniel during his convalescence. Daniel had tried to pursuade Kane that if he could contact his people, they could mount an attack and gain control of the bunker and the stargate where Soren had his headquarters. Kane didn't want to risk taking in his men into what he felt would be suicide. He wanted to wait until they had gathered more men to raise a stronger attack, but time was not on their side because Soren continued to gain strength. Leda pleaded on Daniel's behalf, but Kane was hesitant. He thought that Leda had fallen in love with Daniel and questioned her motivations. After Leda was able to convince her husband that what Daniel offered was a chance to rebuild, Kane decided to trust Daniel.

When Daniel was able to contact the SGC and make battle plans, Kane gathered his troops and bid his wife farewell. He genuinely thought that he would never see her again and that all hope had been lost. Still, he carried on and placed his trust in Daniel that the SGC would come through for them and help them reclaim their world. Their joint attack on Soren's bunker was successful and soon Soren was standing in front of them with a rifle in hand, but not pointed. Col. Carter asked that he drop his weapon twice, but he stood in defiance. Kane killed him.

Daniel was shocked at Kane's actions and warned Kane that he might have just created a martyr. But, to Kane, he had liberated his world from the clutches of a power-hungry madman. Kane tried to once again remind Daniel that what happened was not his fault, but still Daniel stuck to his promise that his people would return to help them rebuild their world.

Season Nine

About a year after the war, Jared contacted Daniel at the SGC. His world was still sitting on the edge of destruction by their own hands, but that process had been accelerated with the interference of a Prior of the Ori. Five months prior to Jared's making contact, a Prior came through the Stargate and offered the Rand Protectorate the plans to build a technologically-advanced killer satellite. Because the SGC had refused to give the Rand Protectorate advanced weapons, hoping only to provide humanitarian aid, the Rand government cut off their relations with Earth in favor of the Ori. To further advance the Ori's position on Tegalus, Kane's homeworld, the Prior unleashed the Prior Plague. Those who turned to Origin were cured; those who didn't, died. Kane's wife Leda was among those who died, holding fast to her beliefs.

Kane became a senator in the new Rand government. President Nadal was a firm convert to Origin and he loved his new weapon. Five months after the Prior stepped through the Stargate, Rand had a powerful weapon at their disposal. They promptly turned it on the Caledonian Federation and wiped out one of their military bases. They also demanded that the Caledonian government, headed by Minister Chaska, surrender to Rand and the Ori or be destroyed. They were given five days to make their decision. This was when Kane decided to steal the schematics to the weapon and contact Daniel. He was committing treason, but he didn't care. His stand was that he didn't want to see any more people die, whether they be from Rand or Caledonia.

Daniel and Kane contacted the Rand government to set up a meeting to conduct talks to prevent the use of the weapon. Daniel hoped that if the Rand government knew the true nature of the Priors and the Ori, that they would not use the weapon, perhaps even dismantle it. In case the talks failed, however, the rest of SG-1 devised a plan to destroy the satellite using the Prometheus. They used the schematics which Kane brought to them to form their strategy, but because the schematics only depicted the early stages of the weapon's development, SG-1 was going into the situation with inadequate information as to the weapon's strength and defensive capabilities.

Under the pretense of opening diplomatic talks, President Nadal approved Daniel's and Kane's proposal for peaceful negotiations. As soon as they arrived through the Stargate, Nadal had them jailed. Kane was charged with treason and Daniel with harboring a traitor. Nadal was certain that both Kane and Daniel were Caledonian sympathizers involved in a spy network. Their communications with Earth were cut off and once the Prometheus arrived two days later, SG-1's mission to destroy the weapon became a priority, even if it meant that Daniel would be executed because of the attack.

During this difficult time, Kane tried to reason with the Rand Protectorate's newest military leader, Commander Pernaux, a man with whom Kane had served in the military. They had known each other for a long time, and Pernaux soon realized the weight of the situation on Tegalus. Pernaux wished to show mercy when Nadal crippled the Prometheus with the weapon, but Nadal decided that all those who opposed the Ori should be destroyed, and with that thought, he ordered the Prometheus destroyed even when it had no way to defend itself. Col. Pendergast managed to transport about 75 of his crew off the ship into the Caledonian Federation before the ship exploded, killing him and about 40 others.

Even with the loss of the Prometheus, Daniel continued his efforts for Nadal to see reason and to withhold his decision to kill all the Caledonians. SG-1 had survived the destruction of the Prometheus and a squadron of F-302s were also salvaged, so SG-1 and Caledonia used their combined technology to disable Rand's ability to communicate with the satellite. Using their capability to destroy the satellite as leverage, Daniel got Nadal to agree to give Caledonia the Stargate so that they could leave instead of turning to Origin or being destroyed. As soon as all agreed and Mitchell was ordered not to destroy the weapon, Nadal turned back on his word and targeted Caledonia. Commander Pernaux challenged the President's decision and eventually Pernaux killed Nadal before he himself was shot. As the new leader of Rand, Pernaux ordered that the deal be seen through and that the weapon be powered down.

Personnel from the SGC left through the Stargate, leaving Senator Kane and the rest of his government to sit at the negotiations table with Caledonian representatives. Not long after they left, the talks broke down and Caledonia, refusing to give up their homeland, turned their missiles on Rand and Rand responded. After failing to make a lock with the Stargate, General Landry ordered the Daedalus to stop by the planet on its way back from Atlantis. Apparently, the people of Tegalus destroyed each other and the Stargate was buried in the rubble. Kane's fate is unknown, but it is most likely that he did not survive the devastation.


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