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Daniel gives briefing on the People of Tegalus


The planet Tegalus consisted of two warring nations: the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation. Upon SG-1's arrival through the Stargate, the two countries ended up firing their missiles at each other because a religious zealot named Soren caused civil unrest, claiming that the Stargate's activatation supported his religious beliefs that the gods would return and reward the faithful. All three parties in this war were devastated in short order, but the Rand Protectorate, along with the SGC, led the way to rebuilding the societies. About half a year after the war, the planet discontinued their contact with Earth because a Prior of the Ori had visited them and helped the Rand Protectorate create a killer satellite which they could use on Caledonia. Even after the Prometheus was destroyed by the weapon, the SGC tried to help the two countries come to an agreement so that the weapon would not be used for genocide, but unfortunately, the distrust and hatred between the two peoples could not be abated and they ended up destroying each other. (8.05 "Icon", 9.15 "Ethon")

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For at least three generations, the two countries of Tegalus, the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation, were in a state of cold war. The reason behind their political differences was never revealed, but both countries had advanced about equally in weapons technology. They each had enough missiles pointed at each other to wipe out their world. Suspicion and mistrust were heightened when the SGC activated the Stargate, called the "Great Ring of Avidan", which was situated as a display piece in a museum in the Rand Protectorate. During the tour, the guide (his name badge read "Goodine") explained that the Great Ring had been discovered in the Curillian wastelands over 150 years ago and was thought to be decorated with the names of the gods. Displayed outside in the courtyard of the museum, the Stargate sat silently until the SGC activated it during the tour. (8.05 "Icon", 9.15 "Ethon")

Museum Guide
Witnesses of the Stargate's activation
More witnesses of the Stargate's activation

After introductions were made through the MALP, SG-1 met with Rand's dignitaries, comprised of civilian and military personnel. The group was led by Commander Gareth and his chief aide, Jared Kane. Gareth and Kane spoke to SG-1 about their people and the history of the Stargate, hoping to learn more about the technology. Even though building pinnacles and jewelry were shaped in the form of the Great Ring and its chevrons, very few remained who held these icons as religiously significant. There was a group of fundamentalists, however, who adhered to the ancient writings which spoke of gods who gained their power from the Great Ring and would one day return and reward the faithful. Because the Stargate had been activated in a public place, keeping the event secret was not possible. (8.05 "Icon")

Dignitaries meet SG-1 at the Stargate

Daniel was granted time with both the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation to explain the Stargate. He was escorted by Rand officers who limited his access to Caledonian representatives. Daniel's follow-up briefing to SG-1 and O'Neill included his concerns that the religious group could use the activation of the Stargate to cause trouble. Knowing that tension was mounting among the three groups, Daniel wished to return to Tegalus in order to smooth things over, feeling that the SGC was responsible for this tension because they had activated the Stargate. O'Neill reluctantly let him go. (8.05 "Icon")

Daniel soon found that the Stargate was moved to an underground bunker system because of the heightened tensions between the two countries and within Rand itself due to the fundamentalists' activities, under the leadership of Soren. Minister Treydan of Caledonia was resentful of Rand's limiting access to the offworlders and to the Stargate technology. Any excuse he could find to send a missile into Rand, he'd use. When Soren's forces successfully took over a missile base, Treydan ordered missiles be fired on that location and demanded that Gareth not retaliate. Unfortunately, Soren gained control of the missile base and fired back on Caledonia. Soon, both countries fired more missiles at each other. Daniel was caught in this war and severely injured in an explosion outside the bunker complex. (8.05 "Icon")

Minister Treydan was only heard through radio communications

Soren took over the underground bunker base and one of his first acts was to execute Commander Gareth. He began coordinating his activities from this bunker, sending out his soldiers to "purge" the land of "unbelievers" so that they could "begin anew". He kept the country in chaos, building his power all the while, even going as far as renaming the country "Avidan" which means "the gods are just" in Goa'uld. When the SGC sent SG-1 and SG-9 to arrange for a search for Daniel, Soren took the opportunity to negotiate for weapons in exchange for his assistance. He turned down offers of food and medicine. SG-1 and O'Neill realized that he was never going to allow them to search for Daniel and that he intended to take Caledonia as well. (8.05 "Icon")

Rebel aide, killed by Soren
Rebel soldiers purging nonbelievers

Kane's men discovered both him and Daniel in the rubble outside the bunker complex and took them to a house outside the city which had belonged to Kane's wife's uncle. There, Leda took care of the wounded. Kane's injuries healed faster than Daniel's, so he left the house often to search for survivors. Leda nursed Daniel back to health, all the while growing emotionally attached to him because he spent time with her. Leda was very lonely because Kane had spent more time building his career than with her. (8.05 "Icon")

Daniel regularly tried contacting the SGC with a radio set, hoping that the SGC was opening the Stargate at the same time to search for him. During the time the wormhole had been opened for Soren to return from his visit to the SGC, Carter successfully intercepted Daniel's signal. Using Goa'uld to encode his message, Daniel requested that the SGC send troops to help him and Kane's men retake control of the bunker and the Stargate. Carter took Teal'c (SG-1), SG-3, SG-6, and SG-12 with her in a coordinated effort, and they successfully retook the bunker. Soren's aide informed him that they needed to surrender, but he killed her in front of the others as an example of what happened to cowards. He then took a rifle with him to meet the troops outside the control room. Kane killed Soren on the spot. The SGC promised to return to help them rebuild. (8.05 "Icon")

Rand's new form of government appeared to have some similarities with that of the United States: they now had a President and a Senate. Kane became a senator in this new government, under the leadership of President Nadal and Commander Pernaux. The Caledonian Federation, although hit harder by the war, appeared to maintain their same system of government, led by Minister Chaska. (9.15 "Ethon")

Contact with Tegalus continued until a Prior of the Ori came through the Stargate. He infected people of Rand with the Prior Plague and many died rather than convert to Origin, the religion of the Ori. Leda was among those who died. The Prior then offered to help the Rand Protectorate convert Caledonia by giving them the plans to build a killer satellite. He gave these plans in stages and five months later, activated it using his staff. President Nadal used the weapon against a military base in Caledonia and then gave Caledonia five days to surrender or be destroyed. (9.15 "Ethon")

It was at this point that Kane contacted Daniel at the SGC and requested that he help destroy the satellite. He brought along early-stage drawings of the satellite, and after studying it, Carter concluded that the Prometheus could probably destroy it quickly and easily. Daniel returned to Tegalus with Kane thinking that Nadal had wanted to open talks, but as soon as the men stepped through the Stargate, they were jailed. Nadal accused Kane of being a Caledonian sympathizer and charged Daniel with harboring a traitor. There were no laws in Rand against the torturing of prisoners and Kane felt that they'd never reach trial. (9.15 "Ethon")

Kane tried to reason with Commander Pernaux, appealing to his sense of justice and counting on their long-time friendship to pursuade him that the Priors and the Ori were dangerous. Kane wished for them to join together with Caledonia to oppose the Ori. Daniel offered the SGC's help in sealing the Stargate with an iris or giving them an Anti-Prior Device. (9.15 "Ethon")

When SG-1 and Col. Pendergast retrieved only Daniel's locator beacon with the Asgard beaming technology of the Prometheus upon their arrival two days after Daniel left Earth, they had to determine what their next move would be. Eventually, they decided to destroy the satellite, but it was too late; Rand detected their presence and powered up the weapon and raised its defense shield. The Prometheus became a pawn in Nadal's efforts to identify all of the Caledonian sympathizers and spies whom he suspected Kane and Daniel knew. But because they weren't spies or sympathizers, neither man appeared to cooperate. Nadal ordered the destruction of the Prometheus, even after Pendergast opened communications to discuss the terms of his surrender. Pendergast sent Mitchell's F-302 Blue Squadron and several of his crew to an open field in Caledonia, but he and the remaining crew were killed when the Prometheus was destroyed. (9.15 "Ethon")

Rand technician who pushed the button which destroyed the Prometheus

Carter, Mitchell, and Teal'c coordinated defense strategies with Minister Chaska, but any actions they took risked having Rand destroy them. Even so, Minister Chaska said that her people would rather die than to live under Rand's rule. After Daniel opened up negotiations once more between the two countries, President Nadal went against his word and ordered that the satellite fire upon the capital city of Caledonia. Commander Pernaux challenged him for going against his word and killed him, but he was shot by Nadal's guards. Severely wounded, Pernaux insisted that the deal to give Caledonia access to the Stargate be seen through. In exchange, Rand kept their satellite. (9.15 "Ethon")

After SG-1 and the survivors of the Prometheus returned home, talks between the two countries broke down. Caledonia did not wish to leave their homeworld and turned their missiles on Rand. Rand retaliated. After contact was lost, Gen. Landry sent the Daedalus to the planet to see what had happened. They discovered that the two countries had wiped each other out and that the Stargate was most likely buried in the rubble. (9.15 "Ethon")

Notable Characters

  • Jared Kane - He befriended Daniel Jackson and attempted to help his world rebuild.
  • Commander Gareth - He was the level-headed leader of the Rand Protectorate, but was assassinated by Soren when Soren's fundamentalists took control of the military control center.
  • Leda Kane - She nursed a severely injured Daniel Jackson back to health and developed deep feelings for him. She died of the Prior Plague because she refused to convert to Origin.
  • Minister Treydan - He used any excuse he could to fire his missiles at Rand, leading into a devastating world war.
  • President Nadal - He was the leader of the new Rand Protectorate government after the world war. A devout follower of the Ori, he felt that all unbelievers should be dealt with quickly and decisively. He treasured the killer satellite given to him by the Prior of the Ori, so much so that he aimed to use it to commit genocide in the name of the Ori.
  • Commander Pernaux - A long-time friend of Jared Kane's, Pernaux eventually saw that following the Ori was wrong. He risked his life to see that Caledonia had another alternative to President Nadal's ultimatum.
  • Minister Chaska - She was the leader of the Caledonian Federation after the world war. She helped SG-1 and the survivors of the Prometheus and listened to SG-1's advice in dealing with President Nadal. Not willing to leave her planet, she led her people into another war, this time leaving no survivors on either side.


  • Rand Protectorate developed a short-lived alliance with Earth after the world war, but soon they discontinued communications after turning their allegiance to the Ori.
  • Caledonian Federation worked with the survivors of the Prometheus in opposing Rand's ultimatum to surrender or be destroyed.


  • The Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation were enemies for at least three generations due to political differences.
  • The Ori's interference caused these two countries to destroy each other.


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