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Jared Kane asks Daniel for help in preventing the Rand Protectorate from committing genocide against the Caledonian Federation by using a weapon the Ori helped them build. Daniel attempts diplomacy while his teammates arrive in orbit onboard the Prometheus. As in any war, casualties are expected, but the price turns out to be extremely high for everyone involved — including the SGC.

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Jared Kane, whom Daniel Jackson met during a war between the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation on the planet Tegalus (8.05 "Icon"), arrives through the Stargate with urgent news. Thanks to interference by a Prior of the Ori, Rand has managed to build a massive satellite weapon, and the country's leader, President Nadal, has given the Caledonians five days to surrender or die. Jared, desperate to stop his country from committing this genocide, has illegally snuck through the Stargate for help, bringing along some early designs of the weapon.

As Daniel asks the Rand government for permission to visit and explain the true nature of the Ori, Mitchell and Carter — less confident in the power of diplomacy — study the preliminary schematics that Kane has provided. Should Daniel's plan fail, they decide to fly to Tegalus on the Prometheus and destroy the weapon from orbit.

Daniel and Kane depart for Rand, only to be imprisoned for treason the moment they arrive. As they struggle to make President Nadal and his military leader, Commander Pernaux, believe their innocent intentions, Prometheus arrives in orbit. The satellite weapon targets this intruder, so Prometheus's commander, Col. Pendergast, orders a first strike.

The satellite's shields, however, harmlessly deflect Prometheus's attack. Worse, the weapon's answering blasts slice effortlessly through the Earth vessel's defenses. Prometheus is in serious trouble.

On the planet below, President Nadal tells Daniel that he'll spare the foundering ship — and its crew — if Daniel and Kane explain how Earth is collaborating with Rand's Caledonian enemies. Unable to confess to something that isn't true, Daniel watches helplessly as the satellite blasts the Prometheus into oblivion.

Tragically, Col. Pendergast and about 40 of his crew go down with their ship. About 75 others, however — including Mitchell, Carter and Teal'c — escape to Caledonian territory via Prometheus's Asgard beams and F-302 fighters. There, Carter discovers a way to disrupt the Rand Protectorate's communications link with its weapon. If Rand can't signal the satellite to raise its shields, then Mitchell and Teal'c can blow it up from an F-302.

At the last minute, unfortunately, President Nadal detects this second assault on his precious weapon. He declares that, if the Caledonians and their collaborators from Earth won't stop the attack, he'll have Daniel executed. With his life at stake, Daniel gives diplomacy one last, desperate try — but on this war-torn planet, diplomacy never offers much hope.


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