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The planet Tegalus consisted of two warring nations: the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation. Upon SG-1's arrival through the Stargate, the two countries ended up firing their missiles at each other because a religious zealot named Soren caused civil unrest, claiming that the Stargate's activatation supported his religious beliefs that the gods would return and reward the faithful. All three parties in this war were devastated in short order, but the Rand Protectorate, along with the SGC, led the way to rebuilding the societies. About half a year after the war, the planet discontinued their contact with Earth because a Prior of the Ori had visited them and helped the Rand Protectorate create a killer satellite which they could use on Caledonia. Even after the Prometheus was destroyed by the weapon, the SGC tried to help the two countries come to an agreement so that the weapon would not be used for genocide, but unfortunately, the distrust and hatred between the two peoples could not be abated and they ended up destroying each other. (8.05 "Icon", 9.15 "Ethon")

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