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Children Of The Gods

The Stargate stands shrouded. At the foot of its ramp, a group of soldiers sits playing poker. The female sergeant notices that the tarpaulin which covers the gate is fluttering and goes up the ramp to investigate. Without warning, the tarp is blown clear from the Stargate, the chevrons engage and the event horizon erupts. A metallic sphere emerges from the wormhole and scans the woman. Immediately behind it are a group of warriors in snake-headed armor, carrying familiar staff-like energy weapons. The leader of the warriors wears golden armor; he subdues the female sergeant as his warriors do battle with the human soldiers. General Hammond arrives with reinforcements as the gate is once more activated and the alien warriors begin to retreat towards it. With one of his personnel hostage, Hammond is unable to return fire. Before the leader disappears into the wormhole, the general sees the man's eyes glow.

Air Force Major Samuels goes to the home of now retired Colonel Jack O'Neill. He finds O'Neill on his roof, peering up at the stars through a telescope, and startles him be mentioning the Stargate.

At the Cheyenne Mountain complex, the suspicious Hammond grills not only O'Neill, but also Kawalsky and Ferretti, O'Neill's men from the Abydos mission. O'Neill is forced to defend his assertion that he killed the alien Ra, and that Dr. Daniel Jackson and the native slaves are indeed dead. Hammond shocks O'Neill: he is ready to send a nuclear weapon through to Abydos to ensure the Stargate cannot be used again. His bluff called, O'Neill is forced to admit that Daniel Jackson is alive and living with the people of Abydos. A furious Hammond orders O'Neill locked up while he decides what to do about the situation.

Hammond is reluctant to kill innocent people and asks O'Neill for other options. O'Neill offers to contact Daniel, using a box of Kleenex as his calling card. Daniel has allergies and will understand the contact is friendly. Hours later, the empty box is returned with a scrawled message: "Thanks. Send more." Daniel Jackson is alive.

O'Neill is reinstated to active duty and appointed leader of the team to go through the Stargate on the second mission to Abydos. Joining him are Kawalsky and Ferretti, and Captain Samantha 'Sam' Carter, a theoretical astrophysicist from the Pentagon. Hammonds orders are simple: O'Neill's team is to investigate the origins of the aliens and to bring Daniel Jackson home.

Immediately after their arrival on Abydos, O'Neill and his team are surrounded by a familiar group of armed Abydonian boys. Daniel Jackson steps in, ordering his men to lower their weapons. O'Neill spies his young friend Skaara and greets him warmly while Captain - Doctor - Sam Carter is delighted to meet Daniel. Daniel's wife Sha're is also there. The reunion is marred by O'Neill's description of the aliens who invaded the Cheyenne Complex. Daniel is positive that they didn't come through the Abydos gate - it is under permanent guard - but does have an idea where they might have come from.

Daniel leads O'Neill, Carter and Kawalsky to a vast underground cartouche he excavated. The hall is dominated by a huge Eye of Horus and its walls are covered with hieroglyphs and the same symbols found on the Stargate itself. Daniel contends that the cartouche is the map of a network of Stargates, with each grouping of symbols forming a unique gate address.

Meanwhile, in the gate room, the Stargate activates and the mysterious alien warriors attack the Abydonians. Many are killed during the struggle while Skaara and Sha're are taken prisoner. The injured Ferretti struggles to see the gate symbols before passing out.

Daniel is frantic over his missing wife and brother, but grudgingly agrees to return to Earth with O'Neill to search for his family from there. He gather together the Abydonians and orders them to bury the Stargate for a year, after which he will try to return with Sha're and Skaara.

On their return to Earth, the team discover Hammond has installed a titanium iris over the Stargate which is sealed behind them so no intruders can penetrate. With more of his people wounded, Hammond is in no mood to humor the forthright Dr. Jackson.

The team can do nothing but wait for Ferretti to regain consciousness. O'Neill takes Daniel home with him, and the two talk about their wives and the families they've lost.

On another alien world - Chulak - Sha're is chosen by Teal'c, First Prime of Apophis. Apophis is the serpent god, the glowing-eyed alien and an enemy of Ra. He is seeking a host for his queen Amaunet. The female sergeant has already been rejected and killed. Skaara is left alone among a horde of exotic alien prisoners are Sha're is taken into Apophis' harem.

At Cheyenne Mountain, Hammond determines their best course of action. Project Giza is to be superseded by Stargate Command - the SGC - with the formation of several teams which will go through the Stargate on reconnaissance missions. O'Neill is to lead SG-1, joined by Daniel Jackson and Capt. Carter, while Kawalsky will lead SG-2. Hammond argues that Daniel's expertise in ancient cultures is too valuable to allow him to be on a field team, but O'Neill supports Daniel and Hammond gives in.

On Chulak, Teal'c takes Sha're to Apophis and watches in dismay as the symbiote Amaunet takes her as its host. Apophis is delighted with his choice of bride.

When Ferretti awakens, he is able to recall the co-ordinates for Chulak and O'Neill takes SG-1 and SG-2 through to the planet. They have just twenty-four hours to effect a rescue before their codes are locked out of the iris and they cannot return. The team gate through and find a bleak, cold forest world, the Stargate at the center of a spiral of standing stones. Kawalsky secures the Stargate while O'Neill leads Daniel and Carter in the rescue mission.

SG-1 encounter a group of priests on the trail they are following and Daniel attempts to communicate. Their passage through the Stargate defines them as gods to the fearful priests and they are taken to Chulak, the city where Apophis has his palace. Invited into a banquet, the team are stunned to discover that Sha're is now one of the glowing-eyed aliens. She defends her pharaoh Apophis from Daniel and the others, showing no recognition of her husband. Daniel is injured and his companions captured and imprisoned.

Reunited with Skaara, O'Neill and the others encounter the First Prime Teal'c, who is fascinated by their technology and demands to know where they are from. Daniel sketches the gate symbol for Earth in the dirt and Teal'c immediately erases it.

Apophis and his queen Amaunet enter the prison, accompanied by several followers. Skaara tells O'Neill and the others that they are here to choose who will be the children of the gods. Humans are examined and callously tossed aside if the symbiote carried within each of the followers rejects its potential host. A distraught Daniel, convinced something of the host survives, pushes forward to be chosen. His passion impresses but it is Skaara who is chosen. Apophis leaves, casually ordering his guards to kill the rest.

Screams break out and the terrified prisoners scatter as Teal'c and his serpent guards slowly advance. O'Neill has observed that Teal'c is not a willing participant and appeals to him - he can help these people. For a long moment, their fate hangs in the balance, and then Teal'c calls out that many have told him this, but O'Neill is the first he believes. He turns and attacks his own men with O'Neill's assistance. After the guards are subdued, the two blast a hole into the prison wall and Carter and Daniel begin to lead the prisoners away.

Teal'c stands alone, both victorious and defeated. He has no place to go. O'Neill tells him that for this, he can stay at his place and Teal'c joins him to help lead the prisoners back to the Stargate. He explains to them that he is Jaffa - bred to serve - showing them the larval symbiote he carries. The glowing-eyed aliens are the Goa'uld, the Jaffa their slaves and incubators. Because of the symbiote he carries, Teal'c is blessed with long life and perfect health.

Apophis and Amaunet arrive at the Stargate, together with the other Goa'uld and their new hosts, Skaara among them. O'Neill rushes down to save the boy, only to find himself by the same energy weapon which Apophis had used on Daniel. Skaara show no recognition of O'Neill. He is as lost to them as Sha'uri: nothing of the host survives the implantation of the symbiote.

The prisoner column is attacked by death gliders. Kawalsky manages to shoot down a glider, but ground troops are closing in and a desperate battle ensues. Daniel rushes over to dial the Stargate, then he and Carter begin to herd the prisoners through to the SGC. As the serpent guards close in, O'Neill orders Daniel through and begins to pull his men back to the gate. One of Kawalsky's men is struck down and when he goes to help, the symbiote carried by a nearby dead Jaffa strikes at his neck and burrows into his spine. Kawalsky feels the pain of its entry, but is too disoriented to realize what's happening to him. He and O'Neill lift his fallen man and retreat to the gate.

At the SGC, Hammond watches in amazement as the horde of exotic refugees pours into the gateroom. He is stunned to see Teal'c, more so by Carter's immediate defense of the man. Teal'c gives up his weapon to Carter as an indicator of his peaceful intentions. As the injured are treated and the grateful prisoners gather to thank their rescuers, O'Neill lets Hammond know that he wants Teal'c to join his SG-1 team. Hammond will consider his request, but it's not up to him to decide.

As the gateroom empties, the SG-1 team members gather on the ramp, a miserable Daniel gazing up at the inactive Stargate. O'Neill promises his friend that they'll find Skaara and Sha're and Daniel accepts him at his word. Obviously in pain, Kawalsky lags behind the others, slowing to a halt on the ramp. His eyes glow.

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