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Season Ten Highlights


Season Ten explores relationships of family both by blood, and by choice, as the newer incarnation of SG-1 team bonds closer to each other and adds a fifth member.

Vala goes into labor and gives birth to a daughter, who she names Adria. Though Vala's Flesh and Blood, Adria is the Orici, part Ori, a loophole that allows the Ori to break through the ascended Ancients' stopgap of direct interference. While Vala learns about her rapidly growing daughter, SG-1 and its allies try and recover from their sound defeat. The Ori are not resting though. They immediately attack Chulak. Can Vala, with Daniel's help, escape? Can the rest of the team find some way to stop the Ori's advance?

Now on a search for Sangreal, SG-1 travels to Vagonbrei. The population died there long ago, and before SG-1 realizes it, they and the medical Red Team are also infected. If they don't discover a cure, all of them will fall victim to this seeming curse of Morpheus, a sickness where once you fall asleep, you don't wake up. Meanwhile on the base, Vala tries to study for a psychological fitness test so that she can be a part of the SGC.

SG-1, missing Teal'c but including Vala, fly on the Odyssey to work on The Pegasus Project, a two part mission in the Pegasus Galaxy. While Daniel and Vala see if information about the Sangreal is in the Atlantis database, the others work with Rodney McKay to try and create a permanent wormhole opening of the Supergate between the Pegasus Galaxy and the Milky Way. By doing so, the Ori would be unable to use the Supergate. Teal'c monitors their progress from the Milky Way. An Ori ship threaten him and a Wraith ship threatens the Odyssey as they try to succeed. And back on Atlantis, Daniel and Vala discover Ganos Lal, the holographic avatar, is not what she seems.

While Daniel is off at Camelot doing more research on the Sangreal, Ba'al's cargo ship crashes on Earth. He requests asylum at the SGC, explaining his clones are plotting to overthrow him. SG teams round up all the Ba'als on his intelligence, wondering what the angle is. When the Ba'als escape custody and hold Carter, Agent Barrett, and others hostage in one of the lower SGC floors, they realize those concerns are justified. They try and retake the Ba'als, save Sam, and wonder if the Ba'als' escape was helped by Insiders.

Landry and SG-1 are to spend some morale boosting time together at Jack O'Neill's cabin. Only Mitchell and Landry arrive. Carter, Teal'c, and Vala remain at the SGC when Col. Reynolds team reports a strange anomaly happening on planets where team members have been using modified versions of the Sodan cloaking device. Finally, they discover an Uninvited interdimensional parasite sometimes seems to phase back with people using the modified device. When the area around O'Neill's cabin is also reporting strangely mutated grizzly bears, Landry and Mitchell wonder if there is a link to the parasite.

SG-1 and Vala are forced to postpone their next scheduled mission because Jack O'Neill has insisted the team assist Martin Lloyd in his script for a Wormhole X-Treme movie. As they all read Martin's ridiculous scenarios and imagine some of their own from Wizard of Oz to Farscape to weddings and total annihilation, Mitchell remains chagrined that his 200th trip through the Stargate is being delayed.

The Free Jaffa Nation, tired of defeats, decide to use the Dakara weapon to launch a Counterstrike against the Ori. They direct the weapon through the Stargate at Ori controlled planets, regardless of innocents. Gen. Landry goes with Bra'tac to try and negotiate with the Jaffa leadership. SG-1, rescued last minute by the Odyssey from one of the planets, try and salvage an abandoned Ori ship. But they have to fight some Jaffa for it. Plus, it turns out there was one survivor from the Dakara weapon's destruction, and she is not happy.

Daniel takes Vala out to dinner as a celebration for how hard she's worked to integrate herself with the SGC, but before they even order, things go awry as Vala is kidnapped by the Trust. The Trust leader, the Goa'uld Athena, wants some of Vala's memories from her time as Qetesh, but SG teams raid the facility before her lackeys get the information. A self destruct kills many, but Vala escapes. The overloaded memory machine and firefight have had an unintended consequence—Vala has amnesia. As she flashes back this Memento Mori mixture of Goa'uld and SGC memories, SG-1 try and discover some clue about her fate and race the Trust to find her.

One of the Lucian Alliance sets a clever trap and captures the Odyssey. Sam is aboard the ship and forced to help make repairs. The rest of SG-1, which now includes Vala, go to find her and the crew. The first plan ends up being a trap with Daniel and Vala captured themselves. Mitchell launches a daring plot to go undercover and rescue his teammates. But being in the Company of Thieves is fraught with peril as Teal'c too is taken prisoner and one of the Alliance members recognizes Mitchell.

The team continue on The Quest to find the Sangreal. The team arrive on a planet where it is confirmed many set off on this quest, but none ever return. In fact, another group came just a few days before...Ba'al and his Jaffa. Ori soldiers invade the village and the elderly town librarian offers to lead SG-1 to the reported location. Using the parchment of virtues Morgan Le Fay left as a guide, SG-1 make their way through the obstacles she set, encountering a lone, trapped, Ba'al along the way and revealing they are aware the "librarian" is really Adria in disguise. Each believing the others are necessary, this odd group form an uneasy alliance as they try and get past Morgan Le Fay's final obstacle...a dragon.

Although Ba'al predictably lies that he knew how to defeat the dragon, Daniel says the "magic word" and the team went back to the chamber, where everyone but Adria is transported to a different cave on a whole new planet. There they discover no Sangreal, but Merlin himself, trapped in stasis. Merlin is updated on what happened during his millenia of slumber while the team tried to figure out how and why they were getting shifted from planet to planet in this strange network. Merlin starts remaking the Sangreal, but knows his death is near. Learning Daniel's own history of ascension, he uploads his own consciousness into the Ancient computer, where Daniel discovers it as he activates the device after Merlin's death. He continues Merlin's work as Adria draws ever closer, eventually fighting her off single handedly to give his team enough time to escape. He could not save himself however, and is now trapped in Adria's clutches.

Even without Daniel, SG-1's fight against the Ori continue, with Carter modifying "Arthur's Mantle" to try and cloak larger places. With her work still not field-ready, Landry orders it tested anyway on an offworld village that wants to resist the Ori. As Carter tries to fix the malfunctioning device, the Ori attack. Carter is wounded by an Ori staff weapon blast, but Mitchell saves her and activates the device, taking their building out of phase. Vala is captured, and her estranged husband Tomin ordered to reeducate her. Teal'c too ends up captured with defiant villagers. As Tomin and the Prior onboard argue over the meaning of a parable of a Line In The Sand, the devout Tomin grows to question his faith. Revealing he still loves Vala, he helps her escape. But is it too late for the village, or were Mitchell and the badly injured Carter able to make the device work in time?

Carter continues her work with Merlin's interdimensional device, and her experiment ends up intersecting with an inter-universal experiment by an alternate Carter in another universe. The alternate Carter was killed in the experiment, and Sam is left trying to find her way in this parallel Earth. She notes The Road Not Taken in this universe, where Landry is President, the SGC is public, and everyone lives in a police state. Carter now not only has to save this Earth from an Ori invasion, but try and find a way back home, hopefully with the help of a few "alternate" friends.

SG-1 finally finds their missing teammate, Daniel Jackson, but it is not the reunion they wished. Daniel has been converted to a Prior. He still acts and talks like himself...most of the time. Still infected by Merlin's consciousness, Daniel insists his appearance is a ruse to get Adria to trust him. He has a plan to fly an Ori warship through the Supergate and release the Sangreal weapon to wipe out all the Ori. He just needs SG-1 to shut down the Supergate's link to the Pegasus Galaxy. Even Jack O'Neill is uncertain if Daniel's Shroud of deception is against Adria...or a trap for Earth.

Netan, the leader of the Lucian Alliance, is tired of SG-1 thwarting his plans. He places a high Bounty on the capture of the team, and bounty hunters race across the galaxy to collect. Unaware of this added interest, SG-1 is enjoying some time outside of regular duties. Teal'c is offworld with the Jaffa, Daniel is doing some library research out of town, Sam is with Dr. Lee at a science convention, and after Vala's pleading, Cameron agrees she can accompany him to his high school reunion, and they stay with his parents at their home in Kansas. When the bounty hunters start tracking each of them down, SG-1 work to save themselves...and each other.

SG-1 goes offworld checking to see if the legendary "clava thessara infinitas" is actually real after all, and end up crashing a reception in a museum. The DHD is actually a museum prop and they're now stuck for several hours. Despite their protests they are not Bad Guys, they are mistaken for religious terrorists that have been plaguing the society and end up having to play the role of hostage takers of the museum guests while they try and find a way home.

The peaceful Jaffa summit to discuss new leadership is cowardly attacked by terrorist bombs, critically injuring Teal'c and Bra'tac amongst others. After Teal'c recovers, he seeks revenge against the probable source, a power hungry Jaffa named Arkad who follows the Ori and wants to lead the Jaffa Nation himself. Teal'c tracks down everyone involved in the bombing, seeking his own kind of Talion justice. Arkad meanwhile has approached the SGC claiming his innocence. Despite Bra'tac's warnings, the IOA is leery to act against Arkad and orders SG-1 to stop Teal' any cost.

Vala's father Jacek calls on the SGC with information regarding Arkad's followers and the bombs he planned on using against Earth. Vala warns the team not to trust him, but the intelligence is too important to pass up, so they provide Jacek sanctuary on Earth. In the meantime, Landry asks his daughter CMO Dr. Carolyn Lam to help him reestablish contact with his ex-wife Kim. These various Family Ties are explored while SG-1 tries to find Arkad's weapons cache, and stop Jacek's constant scams.

Adria finds her mother alone and drunk on a planet. Vala reveals that after she led SG-3 into an Ori ambush by her ideas on the "clava thessara infinitas", the SGC believed she was being controlled by Adria again and planned to incarcerate her. Vala instead escaped. Adria is intrigued by this treasure, and the pair go to the planet where Vala thinks it is, only to be met by SG teams waiting in ambush. However Ba'al's Jaffa ambush the team, and he grabs Adria himself. SG-1 reveals Vala's memories were false ones in a plan of Vala's invention to capture Adria. They track down Ba'al, but not before he implants "himself" in Adria, planning to take Dominion over her armies. Stuck with the captured villain(s), SG-1 decides to alter Ba'al's plan and have a Tok'ra implant Adria instead to control the Orici. Ba'al is wily however, and the switch dangerous; it could lead to Adria's death...or worse.

SG-1 and General Landry travel with Odyssey's crew to the Asgard homeworld for a special summit. The cloning techniques have not worked, and the Asgard want to end their lives on their terms before further degeneration. This somber occasion is interrupted when the Ori arrive. The Asgard give their legacy to the "fifth race" and blow up Orilla, taking out two of the three ships. The damaged Odyssey races home, but every time they drop out of hyperspace for repairs, they are attacked. Ringing the crew down to a planet for safety, Carter creates a time dilation bubble as the ship is about to be struck by a weapon's blast to give her time to figure things out. In the Unending days that pass, Mitchell becomes more frustrated and bitter, Daniel and Vala develop a romantic relationship, and Carter despairs and watches Landry die of old age, after which Teal'c comforts her. Finally Sam discovers the solution, but the power is almost drained in the approximately fifty years that have passed. There is a way, but it means time will be rolled back and unremembered for all but one of the team.

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