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Stargate SG-1 Season Six


This was the season of loss and adjustments as Daniel Jackson's place on SG-1 was taken by Jonas Quinn, who was present when Daniel gave his life for the Kelownan people. Daniel's absence was so strongly felt as to become almost a presence in itself.

Anubis was established as the SGC's arch-enemy, trying to destroy Earth by exploding the Stargate within the SGC. O'Neill and Carter made an abortive attempt to contact Earth's allies for help in the new X3-02 naquadria-powered fighter plane. Carter worked with teams of scientists, including Jonas Quinn, who is working on his Redemption from involvement in the death of Daniel Jackson, and sparring partner Dr. Rodney MacKay, to save the planet. They succeeded in removing the Stargate from the SGC, and launched it far into space just before it exploded. But Earth was unable to use the spare Stargate for fear that Anubis would attack again.

Meanwhile, Teal'c and Bra'tac heard of the threat to Earth. Teal'c, newly widowed, struggled to regain his son Ryac's respect, but it was only with Ryac's help that he and Bra'tac destroyed Anubis' weapon and ultimately saved the Earth's Stargate Programme. Finally, when O'Neill's only other option was a Russian, Jonas Quinn was granted permission to join SG-1.

Descent saw the team, along with Jacob and Major Davis, struggle through a salvage mission on a Goa'uld mothership that plunged into the ocean. The mystery of how the ship came to be drifting and unmanned near the Earth was solved when Thor's consciousness was discovered in the ship's computers, but in rescuing Thor, the team risked death themselves.

The Antarctic, scene of the discovery of the second Stargate five years before, was where a woman's body was discovered Frozen deep in the ice. When Ayiana miraculously revived, Carter and Dr. Fraiser surmised that she was an Ancient, and Jonas attempted to communicate with her. She carried a sickness that threatened the lives of all those she met, but had healing powers that could cure sufferers of the disease. Healing everyone took its toll on her and she died before she could heal O'Neill, but the Tok'ra took his ailing body away to implant a symbiote that could save him.

While O'Neill was recuperating off-world, Carter, Teal'c and Jonas investigated strange goings-on in a sleepy backwater where the locals had become Nightwalkers, possessed by immature Goa'uld clones under the inept eye of the NID.

When O'Neill disappeared from amongst the Tok'ra, Hammond and SG-1's relationship with the Tok'ra becomes unsurprisingly hostile. O'Neill was captured by Baal, who tortured and revived him repeatedly, driving him towards an Abyss of madness. He was comforted by the ascended Daniel Jackson. O'Neill expected Daniel to use his powers to free him, but Daniel, admitting that other Ascended beings would forbid his direct intervention, tried instead to convince O'Neill to ascend himself. When he realised that O'Neill was at the point of despair and close to breaking under Baal's torture, Daniel planted an idea in Teal'c's mind that led to an opportunity for O'Neill to escape.

A return to Jonas Quinn's homeworld in Shadowplay reopened old wounds for O'Neill, and caused apprehension for Jonas, who learned that scientists working with naquadria suffered side-effects and his old mentor was one of those worst affected. Carter acquired some more of the rare and unstable element for use in engineering and scientific projects.

The Other Guys were scientists who experienced the fallout of getting too involved with SG-1's affairs. After seeing SG-1 captured, Felger and Coombes set off to rescue them. Although the capture was a set-up to take them to an undercover Tok'ra operative, things went wrong for SG-1 and they needed the help of the two scientists to get home. As her thank-you, Carter kissed Felger in front of the gathered personnel of the SGC - was it all a dream?

At the SGC's Alpha-Site an assassin threatened the uneasy peace. The Tok'ra and the Rebel Jaffa bickered incessantly, and as the tension escalated an unenthusiastic O'Neill tried to convince them that they shared Allegiances. When Bra'tac was left for dead by a frightened Tok'ra, the situation threatened to become murderous, but in uniting to defeat the assassin they rediscovered their dedication to an alliance against the Goa'uld. The Tok'ra had cause to be grateful to SG-1 when the team travelled to Pangar and located Egeria, Queen and mother of all Tok'ra. Sadly she expired, having been exploited for decades by the Pangarans to produce infant symbiotes. These larvae were the main ingredient of a Cure for all diseases - a drug called tretonin.

The top secret Prometheus was Earth's first attempt at building a mothership. Carter and Jonas took a journalist on a tour of the ship, but a series of gaffes led to its hijacking by the rogue NID Colonel Simmons and the Goa'uld Adrian Conrad. O'Neill was naturally incensed. He and Teal'c managed to board the Prometheus before it left Earth's orbit. SG-1 regained control of the ship just in time to be of help to Thor. The Asgard commander admits that an attempt to end the Replicator threat once and for all has badly misfired, and a machine that should have slowed down time for the Replicators has instead sped it up in Unnatural Selection. The team travelled to the Asgard homeworld to find that not only was it now virtually made of the metal bugs, but a coterie of telepathic Replicator-made androids awaited them. To save her galaxy from consumption by Replicators, Carter befriended and betrayed one of the androids and froze the entire planet in a time-warp.

In Sight Unseen an alien artefact SG-1 brought home to the SGC caused Jonas to see strange creatures invisible to others. As his affliction spread through the SGC and eventually to the outside world, the team raced to contain and repair the damage. Things were also not as they seemed on the surface in Smoke and Mirrors when O'Neill was witnessed assassinating Senator Kinsey. With O'Neill incarcerated, his friends tried to untangle the web of intrigue. Carter enlisted the help of the NID, Teal'c made his most intimidating faces and Jonas learned of the shape-shifting technology taken from the aliens in the Foothold situation several years before. Despite the best efforts of a rogue agent posing as Major Davis, Kinsey recovered and O'Neill was fully exonerated.

O'Neill continued to suffer for the misdeeds of others when arch-nemesis Harry Maybourne manoeuvred his way to an alien planet with SG-1. After disarming Carter, Maybourne entered a portal to a secret utopia, taking O'Neill along. They found themselves in a deserted settlement, a literal Paradise Lost. O'Neill's investigation of his surroundings revealed that the Furlings, original inhabitants of the settlement, were killed by a Goa'uld. But hallucinogens in the plants they had been eating leads both men to violent paranoia. Carter meanwhile found her inability to rescue O'Neill, on top of losing Daniel, particularly draining, and took comfort from Teal'c. When they were eventually located, O'Neill let Maybourne leave with the Tok'ra rather than return to Earth to spend his remaining days in prison.

Nirrti, last seen being given safe passage from the SGC after aiding Cassie Fraiser's Rite Of Passage, continued in secret with her genetic experiments, killing many, and leaving the survivors hideously malformed but with awesome mental powers. SG-1 united with a Russian team attempted to stop her, but in the process they were captured. Nirrti was intrigued by Jonas Quinn' genetic make-up, and in her machine he underwent a Metamorphosis. Nirrti was defeated, but her experiment upon Jonas was to have ramifications for him later.

Hammond and Kinsey struggled for power during the Disclosure of the existence of the Stargate Programme to selected other nations. A dramatic appearance by Thor ensured that Hammond prevailed. Forsaken saw SG-1 making new allies, only to find that their friends and their common enemy were not who and what they first thought.

A firefighter called 'T' was preparing to donate a kidney to his old friend 'Bray'. But 'T' was haunted by strange visions in which he was an alien called Teal'c, who served as a member of a team called SG-1. As Changeling 'T' struggled to tell which was reality, a visit from Dr. Daniel Jackson helped him to make sense of his dreams and his fears. Ultimately in the real world, Teal'c's symbiote Junior expired after he used it to keep Bra'tac and himself alive and both Jaffa became dependant on the drug Tretonin.

In Memento the inhabitants of a planet who excised their own history from all books had mixed feelings about the arrival of SG-1 in the malfunctioning ship Prometheus. The team hunted for any records of the Stargate which escaped the purge, but the suspicions of one of the planet's leaders nearly prevented them from returning home.

On a mission to free a planet from the Goa'uld, Jonas developed a gift for Prophecy. This saved the team when they were betrayed to the Goa'uld, but threatened Jonas' own life while Dr. Fraiser sought to undo the genetic damage Nirrti did to him.

The story of SG-1 came Full Circle with a return to Abydos. Daniel Jackson, having discovered that Anubis is near to finding a powerful artefact named the Eye of Ra on Abydos, asks for O'Neill's help to protect his former home, his friends and his family-by-marriage. The team travelled to Abydos where O'Neill soon realised that Skaara and the Abydonians needed more than just SG-1 if they were to be kept safe from Anubis. After Daniel learned that Anubis was himself part-ascended, O'Neill finally convinced him to break the laws of the Ascended. Daniel took the Eye, intending to challenge Anubis and defend Abydos, but before he could destroy the enemy, he was pulled away by Oma Desala or by Other ascended beings.

Anubis obliterated Abydos. SG-1 escaped by a narrow margin, but Abydos was gone, its people taken to another plane of existence by Oma. SG-1 were left to face the much greater threat now posed by Anubis, and the quest Daniel had set them - to find the Lost City and their only hope of defeating the System Lord.

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