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Season Nine Highlights

New Beginnings

With the defeat of the Goa'uld and the Replicators, a lot of new beginnings happen with the SGC — a new commander, a new leader of SG-1...and new enemies.

Former F-302 pilot Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell comes to the SGC fresh out of rehab from injuries he suffered during the Battle over Antarctica. Granting his request, departing SGC leader Gen. O'Neill allowed Mitchell to join SG-1, but neglected to tell him that the team had disbanded, and that Mitchell was essentially commanding a team of one member. Newly installed Gen. Hank Landry breaks the news to Mitchell, who immediately sets forth trying to bring the "SG-1 band" back together.

Before he gets too far, Vala Mal Doran arrives at the SGC with a coded tablet that appeared to reveal the location of a secret cache of Ancient treasures on Earth. She also came armed with bracelets to ensure she would not be cut out of the treasure by creating a physical bond between herself and Daniel. Daniel translates the tablet and realizes the treasure could be found at Avalon, the mythical burial site of King Arthur and believed to be under Glastonbury, England.

Daniel Jackson, Vala Mal Doran, Cameron Mitchell and Teal'c ring into the hidden caves of Avalon where they overcome several obstacles the Ancient being and former Atlantean Myrrdin (Merlin) set up to protect the treasure. Amongst the cache of gold, they find evidence that Merlin and all the Ancients actually came from yet another galaxy. They also discover a device they believe would allow them to communicate with that other place.

Daniel and Vala use the device which put their physical bodies in a type of coma but allows their consciousnesses to inhabit individuals living in the Ancients' original galaxy. There they discover the people zealously worship a whole other race of ascended beings, the Ori. Any who do not would be destroyed. Realizing there is a whole galaxy of humans the Ancients had hidden from them, the Ori send out a Prior to begin converting the Milky Way Galaxy to Origin. Daniel and Vala are to be executed, but they survive the Ori flames when the communication device is destroyed by Teal'c and Mitchell.

After this adventure, Vala releases Daniel from the bracelets, but as it turns out, the two cannot escape The Ties That Bind them. The effect of the bracelets' connection somehow fused with the Ancient device. The pair, along with Mitchell and Teal'c, went on several adventures to try and undo some of Vala's scams and convince the original bracelet owner to help them. Meanwhile, the Senate Appropriations chair is skeptical this new Ori enemy exists and cuts the SGC budget anyway. They have to get some of their funding now from the International Oversight Advisory (IOA), who want a say in future SGC missions.

While Vala remains stuck with Daniel at the SGC, she notices one of the planets approached by a Prior is a place where she used to rule as the Goa'uld Qetesh. She convinces the others to go to the world, neglecting to tell them she still pretended to be Qetesh there after she had been freed. The community is in crisis, fighting whether Qetesh or the Ori are truly The Powers That Be. Daniel convinces Vala to tell the truth to prove neither may truly be gods. The people of P8X-412 put Vala on trial, which the Prior interrupts, forcing them to either follow Origin or be destroyed by a plague...

The Ori are not satisfied with merely converting populations with individual Prior emissaries. They work to create a Supergate, a larger Stargate in space through which their ships could travel. Stargate Command try and prevent the Ori from establishing such a Beachhead in their galaxy, and Lt. Col. Samantha Carter returns from her position at Area 51 to help Mitchell, Daniel, Teal'c, Vala, and the crew of Prometheus as well as Free Jaffa nation ships. All of their efforts are having the opposite effect, but Vala saves the Milky Way by using a cargo ship to jam up the Supergate. However, Vala disappears during the explosion.

The Ori are not Earth's only enemy. Ba'al survived the fall of the Goa'uld and took refuge amongst the Goa'uld infected Trust on Earth. Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter, and Teal'c finally agree to officially rejoin Cameron Mitchell on SG-1, and the newly reunited team work to stop Ba'al and also keep the Free Jaffa from raiding Earth and grabbing Ba'al for their own vendettas. Ba'al tries to blackmail Stargate Command by threatening to detonate a naquadah bomb in Seattle, Washington. He is thwarted when Prometheus beams the building into space in a warped kind of deus ex Ex Deus Machina as it were. However, Ba'al uses the Trust's clone technology to create several duplicates of himself, so he is not defeated.

Teal'c leads the team to P9G-844, where his Jaffa allies told him the legendary Sodan, a group of Jaffa who had remained free for centuries, lived. SG-1 is ambushed by Sodan warriors, using an interphasing cloak. An injured Mitchell taken prisoner, but not before wounding one of the Sodan. Mitchell recovers and is held in this Sodan Babylon. While imprisoned, he learns their ways. He sees their search for enlightenment being corrupted by a Prior. But can he convince the Sodan to change?

On another mission, SG-1 and SG-5 encounter a hidden lab with Ancient machinery, and a human named Khalek in stasis. They return Khalek to the SGC and try to help him. But Daniel Jackson decodes the text and realizes the lab is not Ancient, but Anubis's. Khalek is a clone Prototype of Anubis, experimentally altered to be "super-human" to try and reascend. SG-1 want to kill Khalek, but the IOA wanted to keep him for study. As Khalek's powers continue to evolve, the choice may be out of their hands.

More and more planets fall to the Ori, and the Priors' plague finally bypasses the SGC screening and infects the local population of Earth. The cover story of a flu is weakening as the pandemic spreads across the globe like The Fourth Horseman of the apocalypse. The SGC finds an unlikely ally as Sam's old friend Orlin descends from the higher planes, this time as a child, to help them find a cure. The search for the cure is not without risk. SG-1 needs DNA from the Prior who caused the infection. Dr. Lee and Sam have worked on device to stop the Prior's powers, but they won't know if it works. Plus, the Prior's only known location is the Sodan homeworld, and Mitchell's not completely sure how receptive they will be.

Meanwhile the Free Jaffa are wondering whether or not to accept Origin, and Teal'c's people are thrown into crisis when the leader of the Jaffa Nation, Gerak, becomes a Prior himself. Teal'c and Bra'tac mount a rebellion, but can Teal'c convince Gerak the Ori are not true gods? With Landry now overwhelmed by the disease, the race for the cure becomes shorter as Orlin's ascended and Ancient memories continue to disappear. Will he remember enough to save Earth, and what will be the cost?

Col. Mitchell runs into trouble on an offworld mission where the people's technological development is similar to Earth's. The Galarans have altered a Tok'ra memory device to create virtual memories for training pilots and other professions. But when the chief scientist of the memory project is murdered, Mitchell ends up being Collateral Damage since he was the last individual seen with her and his memories have been altered to make him believe he did it. Can his teammates help clear his name and solve the crime?

SG-1 returns from an offworld mission, but things are definitely not as they seem when another SG-1 team arrives soon after. As it turns out, the first team is from an alternate universe. A rift has opened between alternate universes and SG team after SG team come to Stargate Command in a Ripple Effect of the rift. One version of SG-1 even has some long lost friends as members. Can the various incarnations return home? Can they close the rift? And how exactly did this happen? The first alternate SG-1 team may know more than they're saying...

The Free Jaffa Nation is still in disarray after Gerak's death, and more of Bra'tac and Teal'c's allies are being swayed by other side, with amazing alacrity. When Teal'c tries to investigate, he disappears. Meanwhile, Mitchell is on leave, and trying to get some of the SGC's technology to help one of his old friends, who has an old battle injury that will eventually kill him. When Bra'tac and Daniel track down that Teal'c has been kidnapped by Ba'al, the SGC launches a rescue effort on Ba'al's offworld Stronghold, but the fear is SG-1 won't reach Teal'c before he too has been brainwashed.

Kane of the Rand Protectorate contacts the SGC, worried about a Prior who has come to Tegalus and wants his government to build a new weapon—an Ori powered satellite that will destroy the rival Caledonian Federation. This new weapon concerns SG-1, and Daniel Jackson returns with Kane to Tegalus to try and talk to the government. They are immediately imprisoned for treason. The rest of SG-1, on Prometheus, try and stop this killer satellite before it can harm Tegalus...or other worlds. But like the bird Ethon that destroyed the Prometheus of myth, the Ori engineered satellite overwhelms Prometheus and Daniel is forced to watch as the ship is destroyed. As the survivors reunite, they try and figure out how to stop this war from escalating and how Daniel can be rescued...

SG-3 discovers a strange addictive space corn, but not before one unwary member of their team falls victim to the drug. SG-1 goes on "corn patrol" to try and track the source and discovers the criminal syndicate the Lucian Alliance is behind it. While making their escape from Alliance members, the team is stranded when the Stargate is beamed away. Back on Earth, Landry interrogates the Goa'uld prisoner Nerus and discovers this is a plan of Ba'al's to take a group of Stargates Off The Grid and make his own private Stargate network, away from the Ori and Tau'ri interfence. The new 304 ship Odyssey races to rescue SG-1 from the Lucian Alliance and stop Ba'al before it's too late.

The IOA wants to tour the SGC offworld Gamma Site, so SG-1 is pulled off their regular mission to babysit the diplomats. While there, a new type of Prior designed insect known as R-75 mutates and breaks out of the etymology lab, infecting one of the scientists. From there, the Scourge of Prior bugs overwhelms the facility as SG-1 and the IOA delegation try to survive and contact the Odyssey before it bombards the planet with poison that will kill the bugs and everything else.

Lt. Col. Carter and Dr. Lee have been trying to figure out one of the devices brought back from Avalon for months. Finally Sam thinks she's discovered the key as Mitchell tries to drag her to breakfast. The two end up shifting out of phase into another dimension where noone can see or hear them. Daniel uncovers the device is likely Arthur's Mantle, a legendary cloak of invisibility. Meanwhile, the Sodan call for help as one of their own, Volnek, becomes infected by a strange Prior disease. He goes berserk and is literally unkillable. Teal'c and the rescue team are now trapped there as well as Mitchell races offworld, still out of phase, to help. At the SGC, Lee's actions end up shifting Daniel out of phase as well. Before Daniel can reverse the effects by translating the device, he and Sam uncover a gate address and journal entries that indicate Merlin was once ascended— and that he was working on a device that could kill ascended beings. On the Sodan world, Teal'c, using a Sodan cloak, can see and hear Mitchell and the two devise a trap for Volnek. But with time running out on Merlin's device, Cameron may be trapped out of phase.

Vala Mal Doran's fate is finally revealed— a ring transporter somehow shifted her into the Ori galaxy, where a villager named Tomin found her. Vala kept a low profile, and married Tomin when the Ori mysteriously impregnated her. Rebels against the Ori movement tried to help Vala contact the SGC with their own communication device. Vala's consciousness ended up possessing Daniel Jackson. She tells her story, and warns there are several Ori Warships ready to launch through a new Supergate in their Crusade against the Milky Way. Meanwhile, the lease on the SGC's Stargate is due for renewal, and Russia is looking to make a new deal...with China.

More desperate than ever to find a weapon against the Ori, SG-1 travel to the address listed in Merlin's device. They come to the village of Camelot, where Merlin kept a lab and the villagers await King Arthur's return. Trying to overcome Merlin's defenses becomes a race against time as the new Ori Supergate is discovered. Although Merlin's holographic black knight is defeated, Mitchell and Daniel cannot find what they seek, but learn the weapon is the legendary "Sangreal", the Holy Grail of Arthurian legend. Meanwhile Lt. Col. Carter tries to sabotage the Supergate on an EVA, but not in time. A full space battle ensues with Free Jaffa, Asgard, Tau'ri and Lucian Alliance ships fighting the Ori. Vala Mal Doran watches worriedly from one of the invading ships.

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