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Stargate SG-1 Season Seven


This is the season of joyous homecoming and the finding of focus, of a place, and of family.

SG-1's search for the Lost City of the Ancients resulted in a most unexpected find: Daniel Jackson, Fallen to earth and unaware of his own identity. O'Neill and Carter reached out to their friend, convincing him to return home with them so they could show him who he was and what he meant to them. Daniel's search for identity and the quiet reunion of the family of SG-1 were rapidly overtaken by the need to neutralise Anubis' super-weapon, powered by the Eye Of Ra. Carter came up with her wackiest plan ever, Daniel and Jonas infiltrated Anubis' ship, and O'Neill got to play out his own version of Star Wars…

Homecoming proved difficult both for Daniel and for Jonas, whose torture at the hands of Anubis led the Goa'uld to Kelowna in search of naquadria to shore up his crippled defences. While the Kelownans appealed to O'Neill and Carter for help against the invasion, Teal'c and Lord Yu's First Prime Oshu conspired to place Baal at the head of the combined fleet of the System Lords. Daniel and Jonas escaped, rejoining their teammates only to be betrayed again to his forces. Ironically, rescue came from Baal's bombardment of the vast ship in the skies above the city.

Jonas Quinn returned to Kelowna as the trusted representative of his people - trusted, that is, by their former enemies, who refused to negotiate for peace without him. Daniel Jackson, having regained much of his memory, rejoined his team and was welcomed home by O'Neill.

The Asgard fought to maintain a Fragile Balance, battling against the Replicators and their own genetic deterioration as their cloning technology failed. When Jack O'Neill woke up one morning decades younger, a foot shorter, pimpled and decidedly irked, suspicion soon fell on the Asgard. Young Jack was a clone and a failing one at that, while the real-meal-deal O'Neill was a prisoner of Loki, Norse god of mischief - and disgraced Asgard geneticist. Could SG-1 retrieve the real O'Neill and could Thor save O'Neill's equally irked Mini Me?

Teal'c's dependence on the drug tretonin changed him in ways he didn't expect. Weakness to him was as good as death and tretonin was not the answer he'd believed it to be to the enslavement of the Jaffa. A terrible injury and arduous rehabilitation sapped his last shreds of confidence. Only a vision from Daniel's ascension had the power to move him: son Rya'c and mentor Bra'tac were prisoners in a death camp. Like Orpheus, Teal'c descended into a personal hell to save his loved ones - and himself - while Daniel fought his own battle for identity. Both men finally realised that in the choices they'd made, they'd found their true place.

A desolate, poisoned planet was home to a charming rural community, locked away within a protective computer-controlled bubble. When SG-1 probed beneath the pretty pastoral surface, they found the friendly people's dependence on their data Link made it easy for computer-generated Revisions to their memories. Carter and Daniel's investigations showed that with power failing, the dome was shrinking and the computer had found a terrible way to compensate and maintain the community. People vanished, erased as if they'd never existed.

Daniel Jackson was forced to become the unwilling Lifeboat to more than a dozen personalities dispossessed when their ship crash-landed. Demanding, manipulative sovereign Martice, honourable engineer Tryan and the heartbroken young boy Keenin were among the souls within the dying Daniel. Officer Pharrin could save the rest of his people if he returned Daniel and sacrificed those other souls, including that of his son, but Martice wouldn't surrender Daniel's body at any cost. If "all" his people had to die to save him, let them…

An off-world mining operation led to the discovery of a vast naquadah deposit - and a tribe of hostile Unas. With an SGC officer dead, many more - including O'Neill - wounded in clashes with the Unas, Colonel Edwards seeming out for revenge and the Air Force determined to mine the naquadah, Daniel Jackson turned to old friend Chaka to help negotiate a peaceful settlement. He learned from Unas leader Iron Shirt that the SGC had desecrated an Enemy Mine in which many ancestors had been worked to death, and that all the tribes would fight to protect it. Could Daniel convince the Unas to join with the SGC to fight the Goa'uld or would the mining team be massacred?

Sam Carter's love of science - and adrenaline rush - got the better of her when old friend Warrick tantalised her with an honest-to-goodness Space Race. Warrick left the SGC with the naquadah reactor he needed - and Carter as co-pilot. Major/Doctor Carter insisted that if doing her duty had a certain element of, well, fun, what was a girl to do? She didn't expect to race a bunch of cheaters, fly into a sun, sabotage, aggravating passengers or ransom demands for Teal'c and Warrick's sarcastic brother Eamon, though…

Next, a seemingly brilliant idea to infect a specific Stargate with computer virus Avenger 2.0 disabled the entire gate network, stranding O'Neill and Teal'c off-world among hostile Jaffa and Daniel in a catastrophic flood. Carter and Avenger creator Dr. Jay Felger couldn't comprehend how things had gone *that* wrong - or what they could do to fix it.

Teal'c's warrior heritage received a very different kind of challenge when the team encountered a clan of fierce, tightly-bonded female Jaffa warriors in search of both help and an alliance. Proud leader Ishta battled Teal'c with wits and staff but refused to let pride - his or hers - stand in the way of helping her sisters, whose Birthright was death in the fires of their 'god' Moloc and genetically engineered dependence on symbiotes. Tretonin seemed an obvious answer, but the drug was untested. As was the relationship slowly developing between Ishta and Teal'c.

The Evolution of a new Goa'uld super-soldier led Daniel into the jungles of Honduras in search of a legendary artefact reputed to be the source of the fountain of youth myth, while Jacob Carter and Bra'tac helped the rest of SG-1 to capture one of the near indestructible new drone warriors. To their astonishment, they found the drone's strength and resilience came from the healing power of an enslaved Goa'uld symbiote. Meanwhile, having located the artefact which could hold the key to defeating the drones, Daniel and Dr. Lee were kidnapped by rebels.

On a mission aboard the Prometheus, Carter finds herself injured and alone following the ship’s becoming trapped within a gaseous cloud of unknown origin. Through hallucinations which include her team mates, her father, and an aloof little girl named Grace, Carter is forced to confront some home truths about her life and the choices she’s made while still trying to find a way to rescue her missing fellow crew members.

The Fallout of decades of Kelownan hubris makes itself known in the form of impending global disaster for the people of Kelowna and their fellow inhabitants of the planet Langara. While Carter and Jonas Quinn strive to find a solution to the geological instability of the planet, Daniel and O’Neill are tasked with achieving agreement amongst the Langaran delegation to establish a plan to evacuate as much of the population as possible. Unfortunately, the delegation – comprised of bitter and distrustful former enemies - are more interested in rehashing old history and finger-pointing than they are in solutions.

Chimera finds Anubis seeking the gate address for the Lost City. Believing Daniel has this information locked away in his subconscious, Osiris is sent to Earth to acquire the address. Osiris probes Daniel’s mind as he sleeps using Goa’uld dream technology and Sarah Gardner’s memories of her relationship with Daniel. Carter, in the meantime, has a new beau, Denver Police Detective, Pete Shanahan, with whom she is utterly enchanted but is soon regretting the necessity to keep secrets from him.

The Telchak device is being put to good use as development of an effective weapon against the Kull Warrior super-soldiers proceeds at the Alpha Site. Carter is working on the weapon with her father when the base is attacked by a fleet of Goa’uld motherships. With the attack clearly the work of a spy within the ranks of the Tok’ra or the Jaffa, the already shaky Jaffa-Tok’ra alliance begins to crumble. The arrogance of the Tok’ra, the Jaffa’s need to be self-reliant, and a general lack of trust signal the Death Knell of the alliance.

A documentary film crew have been granted permission by the President to chronicle the SGC for posterity. Pushy but respected filmmaker Emmett Bregman is met with a host of obstacles in his quest to do his job, including the reluctant cooperation of General Hammond, limited access to ongoing military operations, no access to the gate room, as well as hostile and uncooperative interviewees. As Bregman’s efforts yield few successes on Earth, the off-world team of SG-13 come under Jaffa attack on P3X-666 and are pinned down with no way to get home.

The rescue mission to P3X-666 produces an unexpected and unsettling casualty inadvertently recorded on video by Daniel. As SG-1 struggle with their loss, they must also deal with the relentless Bregman, who wants to view the video taken off-world, as well as a new foe, Richard Woolsey, an NID investigator sent by Kinsey to probe into Hammond’s decision to launch a rescue mission. Eventually, Bregman is triumphant in his persistence to view the video, and upon viewing it, comes to truly understand the meaning of the word ‘Heroes’.

The rogue NID are at it again as a massacre at an abandoned warehouse (and covert NID location) draws the attention of NID Agent Barrett and the SGC. Carter takes the lead as she, Daniel and Teal’c travel to Los Angeles to join Barrett in the investigation, where they discover NID scientists are behind the Resurrection of more Goa’uld experimentation – this time, a human/Goa’uld hybrid in the form of a woman named Anna.

Fresh from his Inauguration as President of the United States, President Hayes is given a crash course in Stargate 101 by Joint Chiefs Chairman and SGC ally, General Francis Maynard. Maynard provides a comprehensive, fair and encouraging report of Stargate Command in order to secure the continued support and cooperation of the new Commander-in-Chief. His efforts are thwarted, however, by the new Vice President and former Senator, Robert Kinsey, who continues to pursue his own agenda, starting with replacing Hammond as Commander of the SGC.

Daniel believes he’s discovered the location of another Ancients Repository similar to the one that downloaded the knowledge of the Ancients into O’Neill’s brain years earlier. With the information in the Repository, they may be able to find The Lost City. O’Neill leads the mission to the planet, but they are soon under fire by Anubis’ forces which are there for the same purpose. With no time left to move the device, Daniel attempts to take the download, but O’Neill pulls him away and takes it himself.

Safely back at the SGC, the team are now in the untenable position of watching O’Neill’s consciousness and, eventually, his body, succumb to the effects of the Ancients’ download. If that weren’t enough, President Hayes has replaced General Hammond with civilian scientist, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, and the decision is made to shut down the Stargate Program for a three-month period. Soon after that, Master Bra’tac returns to Earth with the news that Anubis and his contingent of Kull Warriors are on their way to Earth and will be here in three days. The SGC can only wait and pray that O’Neill will be able to access the knowledge of the Ancients soon and divulge the location of The Lost City where a weapon exists that will protect Earth against Anubis.

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