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Season Eight Highlights


Season Eight brought a series of changes, including promotions for the two military members of SG-1.

Still trying to figure out how to get O'Neill out of stasis, Carter and Teal'c try and contact the Asgard. Thor finds them just as a ship of Replicators finally escapes the Asgard time dilation bubble. Carter is captured during the ensuing battle by a vengeful Fifth. He tortures her as he leads his brethren on a quest to establish a New Order in the galaxy, where Replicators will rule. Daniel, forbidden to join the mission with Carter and Teal'c, helps Weir as a delegation of Goa'uld come to Earth, wondering how Anubis was defeated. Of course, the Goa'uld's motives are always suspect, even more when one requests sanctuary.

With the new Asgard homeworld now threatened by Fifth, Thor realizes the key may be in O'Neill's still Ancient downloaded brain. He and Teal'c retrieve Daniel Jackson and O'Neill aboard the Daniel Jackson and Jack develops a weapon designed to destroy the replicators. Sam's tortures have changed from pain to obsessive love by Fifth. She uses this affection to finally convince Fifth to let her go before he escapes SG-1 and Thor's new weapon. Back home, both she and O'Neill experienced a New Order of their own—promotions: she to Lieutenant Colonel and leader of SG-1, and Jack became the "man", Brigadier General and leader of the SGC. As for Fifth, he was able to create one more human form replicator...a familiar face who he could love and would love him in return.

O'Neill's early days of command are not easy. The Russians send a new officer, Col. Vaselov, who is very anxious to join SG-1. When Col. Vaselov suddenly collapses, things start to become strange...and even stranger when Daniel starts "shooting up the Gate room." After Daniel is zatted by Teal'c and shot by Jack, O'Neill puts the base on Lockdown while he tries to determine if this was an infection or something else. Daniel reveals it was Anubis possessing individuals. Anyone and everyone could be possessed, and the incorporeal Goa'uld has a side effect, his presence is a type of poison that can kill someone with long term exposure. Can they stop the wily Anubis before he escapes the SGC? And who will be his final victim?

President Henry Hayes wants to visit O'Neill in his new command, but as Zero Hour for the Presidential visit counts down, Jack has to deal with a host of challenges: squabbling delegates from Amra, an SG-1 reportedly captured by Ba'al, an alien plant that tries to overwhelm the SGC, and suspicious intelligence about ZPMs provided by Camulus as a way to get better accommodations. These stresses almost break O'Neill as he questions whether he can try to fill Hammond's "shiny shoes."

SG-1 make first contact with a planet who has the Stargate in a museum. Their arrival sparks a controversy in the Rand Protectorate. It seems to foretell the return of gods, which a few religious zealots still believe in. The Rand Protectorate is already in a cold war with a rival continent, and the insurgency demanding that the Stargate is their religious Icon only aggravates matters. This unrest sparks a complete revolution and Daniel Jackson is stranded on the planet when war breaks out. Recovering from his injuries, he helps the counterinsurgency led by Commander Kane as SG-1 negotiate with Rand's new religious leader to try and retrieve their missing member.

The SGC science team use the chairs from the Gamekeeper's planet to create training scenarios for SGC personnel. When Teal'c volunteers to help make the game more realistic, he is caught in the game scenario and his Avatar cannot escape. Each "death" in the game injures Teal'c's physical body and his friends try and figure out how to save him without getting trapped in the game themselves.

Teal'c tries gets his own apartment outside the SGC to develop more of an Affinity with his adopted Tau'ri homeworld. He develops a friendship with his neighbor, Krista James, and helps her as he observes her dealings with an abusive boyfriend. But when Teal'c is accused of murdering the boyfriend and Krista disappears, Daniel Jackson is approached with a way to save his friend. However, it comes at a price.

Billionaire Alec Colson wonders about these strange coincidences over the past seven years, and he has a theory, that aliens have come to the planet and the US government knows about it. The SGC tries to broker a Covenant with him to keep his mouth shut, but the former NID, now called the Trust has other ways to keep Colson silent—like attempted murder and blackmail.

The Hak'tyl, led by Ishta, seek refuge at Stargate Command after Moloc's forces invade their sanctuary. Rya'c is amongst the group, introducing his fiancee to the team and inciting the wrath of his father, who believes his son should not split loyalties between his family and the Free Jaffa cause. He does not wish Rya'c to suffer the same Sacrifices he has made. As the wedding plans move along rockily, Teal'c and Ishta fight their own battles—with Moloc and with each other.

The Stargate suddenly disappears in front of the gate technicians' eyes. Eventually, suspicion centers on the Trust, but no one knows their Endgame. Meanwhile, Jaffa are suddenly dying in mass amounts with no sign of battle. Teal'c suspects the Tok'ra symbiote and goes to investigate offworld. On Earth and in orbit, as Trust and SG-1 members each get captured by the other side, it appears the Trust is sending symbiote poison to destroy the Goa'uld, one planet at a time. SG-1 need to stop them and get the Stargate back before more of their allies amongst the Tok'ra and Free Jaffa are killed.

SG-1 is contacted from a planet on the far side of the galaxy with one of Carter's old GDO codes. When the MALP is sent, Carter looks at her duplicate, a Replicator Gemini. The Replicator Carter requests sanctuary from Fifth by asking for them to destroy her and eliciting Carter's sympathy as they meet at the Alpha Site. But what are her real motives towards Sam or Fifth as his fleet approaches the Milky Way?

Daniel Jackson and Walter Harriman are shanghaied by General Hammond to join in Prometheus's mission bound for Atlantis. Along the way, the mission becomes Prometheus Unbound inasmuch as the ship is hijacked by a supersoldier, who leaves everyone alive but stranded on a defunct al'kesh. Everyone, that is, but Daniel who stayed hidden and tried to get the jump on the pirate, only to find out that she is not a supersoldier at all, but a thief named Vala who keeps Daniel with her to learn more about the ship and besides, he's "very attractive". Eventually Daniel gains the upper hand, whereby she tells a story of stranded refugees needing rescue, but is this yet another trick? Locked out of the controls, Daniel can only wait and find out.

One of the Goa'uld is taking over old territory, and a planet in danger is where Harry Maybourne was given refuge by the Tok'ra. SG-1 go to retrieve him, only to find he is ruler and more than happy to stay. After all, It's Good to Be King. Maybourne also reveals columns written in Ancient foretelling the Goa'uld will be defeated by a team of travelers. When SG-1 find this time travelling Ancient spaceship, O'Neill joins them. SG-1 hope the future really comes to pass...without themselves, Maybourne, or the naive villagers as casualties.

Disgraced former Vice President Robert Kinsey approaches Jack O'Neill worried his former colleagues in the Trust want to kill him. Instead, O'Neill makes him go to a meeting wired to find out the Trust's new plans. Kinsey disappears, literally. When a Goa'ulded Kinsey makes an assassination attempt on the Russian President, the Russians have reason to suspect a Goa'uld has infiltrated the SGC and American administration and Russo-American relations become strained. Both countries' military go to Full Alert. As Carter tries to solve the mystery at the SGC, Daniel Jackson works with a Russian Stargate operative to try and find out the truth from not-Kinsey. Hopefully they can stop this escalation before DEFCON 1 and full thermonuclear war results.

After picking up a strangely marked stone at a garage sale, ordinary Citizen Joe Spencer, a barber in Indiana, starts having visions of the adventures of certain air force colonel and his team as they save the galaxy from aliens. As Joe writes down stories of these dreams he has, he wonders if Colonel Jack O'Neill is real. His obsession makes his business falter and his marriage collapse. By the time he tracks down now General O'Neill, he's convinced the man has ruined his life. Although they do agree that the Simpsons Montgomery Burns is a Goa'uld.

A final Reckoning with the Replicators comes to play as Replicator Carter invades the Milky Way Galaxy, destroying the Goa'uld and anyone else she sees as a threat. Daniel Jackson, however, she captures, to take the ascended knowledge she's certain is still in his mind. While he fights a mental battle with her, Teal'c and Bra'tac try to corral the Jaffa into fighting this new enemy by seizing the Jaffa's holy site of Dakara. Sam works with Thor on a way to alter the currently ineffective Ancient weapon, but the Replicators adapt too quickly.

When Sam and her father join Teal'c on Dakara, they discover a powerful weapon there. Although their first instinct is to destroy it before it falls into the wrong hands, they begin to wonder if perhaps it is the key to defending against the Replicators. Replicator Carter has come to the same conclusion by probing Daniel's mind and sends her brethren there. She also sends Replicators to the SGC, where O'Neill and Reynolds try to save the base. Carter and Jacob form an uneasy alliance with Ba'al to defeat their common enemy. Will everyone survive this epic battle?

The answer, at least for Daniel, is no. Killed by Replicator Carter, he is transported by Oma to a waiting area resembling a diner he visited in childhood where he can choose once again to ascend. Meanwhile, another casualty has been discovered. Selmak slipped into a coma during the final battle and with his/her/its death, Jacob too is dying. Sam is in a personal crisis as she feels guilt for Daniel's missing status, her mixed feelings about her impending marriage to Pete and her grief over her dad. Teal'c and Bra'tac, now valued as heroes, only have so much sway in what should be done with this new powerful weapon. Anubis is taking advantage of the power vacuum to try and take the Dakara weapon for his own, wiping out all life in the galaxy. These various Threads of life and afterlife intertwine as Daniel understands the truth about Anubis, and his colleagues deal with the very real threat this Goa'uld poses. The conclusions are both sad and joyful, and there is nakedness as well...and fishing.

As it turns out, SG-1 go on yet another mission before the fishing, or at least, they sort of do, or a version or two of them do...Some information leads SG-1 to use the time travelling ship to steal a ZPM from Ra in Ancient Egypt. This decision messes up the timeline: Teal'c never betrays Apophis, there is no Stargate program, Jack is bitter and boating, and a civilian Sam and Daniel are in dead end jobs. This other version of them end up going back in time again to fix the original timeline where they're all cooler and Earth is safe. But the Moebius loop that results means that SG-1 never has to go back in time...because they already went back...and...never mind. The team has a ZPM, and they went fishing together. Happy ending all around.

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