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Unas Trader Burrock


Burrock was introduced in the episode, 5.07 "Beast of Burden".

Character Biography

Burrock was the head trader on a planet which had overthrown its Goa'uld lord in a war called "The Beast Wars". Originally, the Goa'uld used Unas as hosts and enslaved the human population. The humans rebelled and overthrew the Unas and turned the tables and enslaved the Unas. Burrock captured Chaka from his home planet, P3X-888, the address for which he paid a high price since it was only known by certain privileged lines and passed down from generation to generation. Since Daniel had been recording the Unas activities on P3X-888 ever since he began studying them (4.08 "The First Ones"), he recognized Chaka, his new friend, as the one who was captured. They recorded the address of the planet where the captors returned on the video and were able to follow the trail from there.

At first, Burrock was rather friendly to Jack and Daniel. He was eager to trade with them in order to improve his stock which he said had degraded due to inbreeding. Once Burrock discovered that Daniel and Jack wanted to take Chaka back, he refused. He said that he captured Chaka in the wild and that the Unas was his. He offered to trade Chaka for two Unas of equal or better blood.

Jack and Daniel attempted to break Chaka out of his prison, but they were captured. Burrock tortured them with a Goa'uld pain stick, asking for additional Stargate addresses. He threatened to kill an Unas each day that Daniel did not give him the addresses. Carter and Teal'c were able to break them free, but the violence escalated and Burrock was killed by Chaka. The Unas which were held captive with Chaka had accepted him as their leader and the one who would help them gain their freedom.

We learn later in the episode, 7.07 "Enemy Mine", that Chaka was successful in brokering a truce between the humans and Unas on the planet.


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