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Vashin was one of Netan's "seconds" within the Lucian Alliance.

Character Biography

Vashin apparently was second in command of Netan's command ha'tak, or at least on bridge duty when Mitchell arrived, pretending to be another second, Kefflin (10.09 "Company of Thieves"). Vashin insisted Mitchell be searched, and when Mitchell refused, they got into a fight. Vashin was later chastised by Netan for beating his friend "Kefflin".

Vashin also captured Teal'c when the rickety cargo ship the Jaffa waited in lost its cloaking ability and the tel'tak was revealed. Vashin beat Teal'c while interrogating him, but was stopped from using a Goa'uld pain stick by Mitchell who in his guise as Kefflin claimed to Netan that Vashin knew nothing of torture, using the device instead on Vashin himself. Vashin still apparently held a grudge against Mitchell/Kefflin from his expression when Mitchell entered and Vashin lost his place at Netan's dining table.

When Tenat arrived to state the intelligence on the whereabouts of the Odyssey, Vashin was the one to run and report the news to Netan. Vashin happened to be walking along the corridor when Mitchell and Teal'c were about to escape the ship. When Teal'c saw his torturer, he pounced on Vashin, beating him with extraordinary vehemence and was stopped by Mitchell.

Vashin survived Teal'c's attack and was still with Netan months later when SG-1 was executing raids on the Lucian Alliance's kassa shipments (10.15 "Bounty"). He reported the destruction of the latest transport and al'kesh to Netan and how their kassa supply was dwindling. The Alliance leader was infuriated and ordered a bounty placed on SG-1. Vashin's fate is uncertain after bounty hunters, including Odai Ventrell, arrived to assassinate Netan.


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